Killing Adolescent White wolves

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Killing Adolescent White wolves
RequirementsKilling Adolescent White wolves.png
30 Combat recommended
Combat equipment
ProfitExperience gained
1,532,7908,694 Combat
2,866.5 Constitution
InputsOutputs (1,532,790)
315 × Wolf bones.png Wolf bones (1,013,670)
315 × Raw wolf meat.png Raw wolf meat (519,120)

The profit rate assumes 315 kills per hour. Your actual profits may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

There are 7 Adolescent White wolves scattered along the eastern ridge of the White Wolf Mountain in the f2p area, just north of the Taverley bank. Starting by killing the southernmost one and going north until you've killed all 7 and picked up their drops, then go back to the southern end when the first would be about to respawn. Killing all of them twice fills the inventory, then use the Lodestone Network to teleport to Taverley and bank.

However, because of the relatively slow respawn and the time needed to run back to start again, it is faster to world hop. Starting from the south, kill all 7, stay at the north end, switch to another world, then kill all 7 again from north to south, which conveniently lets you go to the bank. This can be up to 25% faster overall (depends on how fast you switch worlds) and the maximum profit per hour is based on this method.

Avoid going further north than necessary, as several aggressive level 42 wolves are found there and could be dangerous to low level players.