Hunting white rabbits

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Hunting white rabbits
RequirementsHunting white rabbits.png
27 Hunter
52 Summoning or higher recommended
Rabbit snare.png: RS3 Inventory image of Rabbit snareRabbit snare x 4
Box trap.png: RS3 Inventory image of Box trapBox trap x 4
Bonecrusher.png: RS3 Inventory image of BonecrusherBonecrusher recommended
Memory strand.png: RS3 Inventory image of Memory strandMemory strand for bank teleports optional
Eagles' Peak
60 Hunter for extra traps
21 Dungeoneering and 21 Prayer for Bonecrusher
30 Magic for Surge to reduce banking time
ProfitROIExperience gained
41,464 Hunter
Inputs (1,852)Outputs (4,290,304)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Spirit terrorbird pouch.pngSpirit terrorbird pouch21,852
ItemQuantityGE Price
Rabbit foot.pngRabbit foot2564,290,304

Starting from the Memorial to Guthix bank, withdraw at least 2 box traps (4 recommended) and head south towards the Ferret (Hunter) near Nikolaus. Capture 20 ferrets and bank them at the Memorial to Guthix before returning for a second inventory of 20 ferrets. This should take about 7 minutes with 2 box traps, or as little as 6 minutes with 4 traps. Make sure to bank the other 20 ferrets and your box traps. We will be taking 5 ferrets per inventory as "bad luck" protection, but acquiring an inventory of 32 rabbit feet should only take about 3 ferrets on average, so you may have up to 20 extra ferrets once finished.

After acquiring 40 ferrets, withdraw 5 ferrets, 4 rabbit snares, and 1 spirit terrorbird pouch. Head east to the rabbit holes in the Piscatoris Hunter area and summon your spirit terrorbird on the way. Place 4 traps directly east of the westernmost rabbit hole, and then begin spam-clicking the northernmost rabbit hole to "Flush" the hole with a ferret until the 4 rabbit snares are full. This can take anywhere from 4 flushes to 12 depending on which path the rabbits take. Check all 4 snares, and replace them. If you do have a Bonecrusher, drop Raw Rabbit after your snare is visually set up to be able to move one tick earlier while clearing your inventory, otherwise hotkey drop your 4 raw rabbits while moving back to the flushing hole, or while flushing. If you do not have a Bonecrusher, you will additionally have to drop or bury the Bones. After you have collected 12 rabbit feet and you do not have any snares in your inventory, press the button in the familiar window to deposit items into your familiar. As the familiar cannot hold ferrets, only rabbit feet will be taken as long as you do not have undeployed snares, or undropped bones or raw rabbit.

After your inventory and your familiar's inventory are filled, return to the Memorial to Guthix bank to empty your and your familiar's inventory, and withdraw 5 more ferrets and 4 rabbit snares. You should not have lost any rabbit snares, but you should be down between 2 and 4 ferrets on a normal inventory. One inventory of 32 rabbit feet should take about 6 to 7 minutes, including time to bank.

When your summoning points are low, teleport to a small obelisk to refill your summoning points after you have banked, and while you have ferrets and snares. One recommended location is the Tribute stone next to the Falador lodestone due to its low requirements. After that, lodestone teleport to Eagle's Peak and head north to the rabbit holes to continue your trips. Optionally, you can sip doses of Summoning potion while banking to save time.

Including the time to catch ferrets, players can expect about 8-9 inventories of 32 rabbit feet per hour assuming 4 traps, a spirit terrorbird, and Surge are used. The estimate used in the header is for 8, as consistently reaching 9 can be a more intensive task.

  1. ^ Obtained during method, time and xp factored.