Hunting sabre-toothed kebbits

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Hunting Sabre-toothed kebbit
RequirementsHunting sabre-toothed kebbits.png
51 Hunter
ProfitROIExperience gained
3,072,720inf%28,000 Hunter
630 Prayer
3500 Woodcutting
InputsOutputs (3,072,720)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Kebbit teeth dust.pngKebbit teeth dust1403,072,720

Teleport to the Fremennik lodestone and go north and slightly east, through a few aggressive Rock Crabs and a narrow snowy path to arrive at the Rellekka Hunter area to hunt sabre-toothed kebbits. Their teeth can be ground into dust used in Herblore for making Hunter potions. Cut dead trees in the area for logs to set the trap.

This article assumes one trip in 12 minutes (for 28 kebbit teeth each trip; without using a Beast of Burden) or five trips per hour.

As only one deadfall trap can be set at a time, most of the time is spent waiting for a trap to be triggered. Hunting other creatures in the same area (particularly Snowy knight and Sapphire glacialis for high-level players) can greatly increase experience gain. Kebbit teeth dust is worth more than kebbit teeth alone - assume grinding before selling.