Hunting red salamanders

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Hunting red salamanders
RequirementsHunting red salamanders.png
59 Hunter (higher recommended)
Small fishing net.png: RS3 Inventory image of Small fishing netSmall fishing net
Rope.png: RS3 Inventory image of RopeRope
Magic notepaper.png: RS3 Inventory image of Magic notepaperMagic notepaper
Higher Hunting Level to set more traps at once
ProfitROIExperience gained
3,015,6002000%89,600 Hunter
Inputs (150,800)Outputs (3,166,400)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Magic notepaper 5.pngMagic notepaper400150,800
ItemQuantityGE Price
Red salamander.pngRed salamander4003,166,400

Red salamanders are in high demand as they are an inexpensive version of the dragon 2h crossbow with the same Disassemble materials yield.

This method is similar to hunting black salamanders, but safer and the Hunter level requirements are also lower. While both areas have aggressive low level monsters, red salamanders are not in the Wilderness like black salamanders are. Unlike the older method, this method does not require banking as regularly as you have the notepaper to keep you going.

Ourania Teleport teleports the user almost directly to the hunting area. Other options include Kandarin monastery teleport, spirit tree to the Battlefield, and ring of duelling to Castle Wars. Home Teleport to Yanille could be used by all members without requirements other than unlocking the lodestone.

There are level 46 Monks of Zamorak in the area that are aggressive to players under level 92. Turn left click attack off in combat options to avoid accidentally attacking any of them.

Small fishing nets and ropes are cheap but might not be always available on the Grand Exchange. Nicholas Angle's Fishing Shop (northeast of Taverley lodestone) and Shantay Pass Shop (south of broomstick teleport after exiting from fountain) are convenient sources of them respectively.

If your goal is Hunter experience this method will be more effective than the older method as using magic notepaper, although more expensive, should allow you to reach up to 400 red salamanders caught per hour, but should still make the same or more profit per hour. This method should be very effective for Hunter experience outside of the Wilderness and not a bad money making method. Great to try out if you have the Hunter level required!