Hunting implings

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Catching implings
RequirementsHunting implings.png
83 Hunter (91 recommended)
20 Magic (50/79 recommended)
Weight-reducing clothing
Jar generator.png: RS3 Inventory image of Jar generatorJar generator
500+ Nature rune.png: RS3 Inventory image of Nature runeNature runes
any wand
Lost City recommended
ProfitExperience gained
1,337,54718,000 Hunter
Inputs (182,750)Outputs (1,520,297)
50 × Impling jar.png Impling jar (33,250)
500 × Nature rune.png Nature rune (149,500)
20 × Nature impling jar.png Nature impling jar (87,620)
13 × Magpie impling jar.png Magpie impling jar (203,255)
3 × Ninja impling jar.png Ninja impling jar (54,636)
1 × Dragon impling jar.png Dragon impling jar (186,222)
12 × Zombie impling jar.png Zombie impling jar (682,728)
1 × Kingly impling jar.png Kingly impling jar (305,836)

The outputs is approximate.

Puro-Puro is the choice spot to hunt implings as you are guaranteed to see large numbers of them at any given time. The most effective strategy involves snaring the target impling with a Bind spell then catching it while it is rendered immobile. The bind spell can only be cast when next to the target unless you are wielding a mainhand magic weapon. This will require you to swap to a staff/wand to snare then back to your net to catch the impling. To keep the rarer implings spawning, be sure to catch all implings that are higher-level than nature implings, including nature implings themselves.

Expect for the majority of the implings you see to be nature implings; magpies and zombies are approximately the same rarity; ninjas and pirates are significantly rarer. Dragon and Kingly implings are the rarest (thus the most valuable) appearing about 1 - 2 times an hour; it is possible to see more than 2 or none at all with no guarantees on appearances.