Hunting black salamanders

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This is a dangerous Wilderness activity.
If you die, you will lose your items and will not be able to reclaim them from Death or your grave.

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Hunting black salamanders
RequirementsHunting black salamanders.png
  • 67+ Hunter (higher recommended)
  • 13+ Summoning for Beast of Burden (higher recommended)
  • 84 Magic recommended
Small fishing net.png: RS3 Inventory image of Small fishing netSmall fishing net
Rope.png: RS3 Inventory image of RopeRope
Wilderness sword 3.png: RS3 Inventory image of Wilderness sword 3Wilderness sword 3
ProfitROIExperience gained
2,244,8119588%115,800 Hunter
Inputs (23,413)Outputs (2,268,224)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Small fishing net.pngSmall fishing net1214,208
Pack yak pouch.pngPack yak pouch14,069
ItemQuantityGE Price
Black salamander.pngBlack salamander2242,268,224

Due to black salamanders' falling prices, hunting red salamanders has become significantly faster while being lower level and safer.

Black salamanders are in high demand as they are often used as a disposable weapon to augment then Disassemble to train Invention.

The Boneyard Hunter area is in level 18 - 20 Wilderness, although you risk little other than what you hunt. Most teleports will work as long as you don't go into level 21. Ring of duelling or Wilderness sword 1 or greater are recommended for quick banking, the Wilderness sword 3 can teleport anywhere under 30 wilderness so is the best choice for teleporting out. TokKul-Zo is not recommended as black salamanders will be kept over it. To reach the area, the Lodestone Network can teleport players to south of the Wilderness Volcano without cost or requirements. Carrallanger Teleport brings you closer and is faster (takes ~30 seconds to reach the area from start of teleport, versus 1 minute) but requires 84 Magic and completion of Desert Treasure and costs 2 soul runes and 2 law runes.

There is a level 44 Hill Giant in the area that is aggressive to players under level 88. Green dragons are found slightly north, but are not aggressive. Turn left click attack off in combat options to avoid accidentally attacking any of them.

Small fishing nets and ropes are cheap but might not be always available on the Grand Exchange. Nicholas Angle's Fishing Shop (northeast of Taverley lodestone) and Shantay Pass Shop (south of broomstick teleport after exiting from fountain) are convenient sources of them respectively.

Checking a net trap requires you to have 3 inventory spaces - and black salamanders cannot be dropped, only released (and they will disappear immediately). Therefore, even if you drop your small fishing nets and ropes (recommended as they are worth much less than a black salamander), you can only carry 26 salamanders in your inventory. 1 can be wielded if you have 70 Ranged. Notice that even without harralander tar (which prevents you from attacking), if you click attack on a monster, it will become aggressive and if you do so with a player, you will be skulled despite not being able to deal any damage.