Hunting azure skillchompas

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Hunting azure skillchompas
RequirementsHunting azure skillchompas.png
68 Hunter
4 x Box trap.png: RS3 Inventory image of Box trapBox traps
ProfitExperience gained
143,50089,000 Hunter
InputsOutputs (143,500)
None500 x Azure skillchompa.png: RS3 Inventory image of Azure skillchompaAzure skillchompa (143,500)

Azure skillchompas can be caught using box traps at the Rellekka Hunter area, which is found north-east of Rellekka. To access the area where azure skillchompas are located, climb the north-eastern most ladder in the area, then travel north-east again and climb a second ladder. Players can wear polar camouflage gear or kyatt hunter gear to increase their success rate in catching creatures while hunting in this area. Once trapped, azure skillchompas become stackable items, so players may hunt them for long periods of time without needing to bank.