High level Barrows

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High level Barrows
RequirementsBarrows chest.png
110 Combat recommended
Ritual of the Mahjarrat to unlock Akrisae the Doomed, Kindred Spirits to unlock Linza the Disgraced, The Branches of Darkmeyer is recommended for access to Drakan's Medallion or portal attuned to Barrows in War's retreat (Highly recommended).
Hard Morytania achievements highly recommended for doubling of runes received, and for easy banking from chest.
ProfitROIExperience gained
14,218,2611067%80,000 Combat
26,000 Constitution
Inputs (1,332,675)Outputs (15,550,936)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Barrows amulet.pngBarrows amulet[2]25683,375
ItemQuantityGE Price
Amulet of the forsaken.pngAmulet of the forsaken[3]0.347,078,094
Ahrim's book of magic.pngAhrim's book of magic0.064186,890
Ahrim's hood.pngAhrim's hood0.06484,567
Ahrim's robe skirt.pngAhrim's robe skirt0.06491,411
Ahrim's robe top.pngAhrim's robe top0.064152,360
Ahrim's staff.pngAhrim's staff0.0641,056,311
Ahrim's wand.pngAhrim's wand0.064126,846
Akrisae's hood.pngAkrisae's hood0.06435,979
Akrisae's robe top.pngAkrisae's robe top0.06459,117
Akrisae's robe skirt.pngAkrisae's robe skirt0.06440,487
Akrisae's war mace.pngAkrisae's war mace0.06435,130
Dharok's greataxe.pngDharok's greataxe0.06484,737
Dharok's helm.pngDharok's helm0.06449,996
Dharok's platebody.pngDharok's platebody0.06494,498
Dharok's platelegs.pngDharok's platelegs0.06468,036
Guthan's chainskirt.pngGuthan's chainskirt0.06469,660
Guthan's helm.pngGuthan's helm0.06447,837
Guthan's platebody.pngGuthan's platebody0.064103,856
Guthan's warspear.pngGuthan's warspear0.064128,235
Karil's coif.pngKaril's coif0.06452,245
Karil's crossbow.pngKaril's crossbow0.064632,693
Karil's off-hand pistol crossbow.pngKaril's off-hand pistol crossbow0.06470,737
Karil's pistol crossbow.pngKaril's pistol crossbow0.06463,121
Karil's skirt.pngKaril's skirt0.06488,830
Karil's top.pngKaril's top0.064154,743
Torag's hammer.pngTorag's hammer0.06450,872
Torag's helm.pngTorag's helm0.06441,880
Torag's platebody.pngTorag's platebody0.06486,981
Torag's platelegs.pngTorag's platelegs0.06452,037
Verac's brassard.pngVerac's brassard0.06491,469
Verac's flail.pngVerac's flail0.06454,146
Verac's helm.pngVerac's helm0.06440,527
Verac's plateskirt.pngVerac's plateskirt0.06449,429
Mind rune.pngMind rune15,000255,000
Chaos rune.pngChaos rune6,500929,500
Death rune.pngDeath rune3,8501,178,100
Blood rune.pngBlood rune1,9502,028,000
Bolt rack.pngBolt rack27536,575

The profit rate assumes 25 chest loots per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

With the right skills and equipment, high-level players can loot nearly 25 Barrows chests per hour, resulting in a sizable profit. At higher levels one may use any combat style, although most of the brothers are weak to magic. For best results, Barrows amulets should be used on the tombs of Akrisae, Karil, and Ahrim in lieu of on any of the melee brothers. If barrows amulets are not used, it is strongly recommended to skip the Akrisae fight as his use of protection prayers will unnecessarily extend runs. Alternatively, if using a 2h melee build, the Smash basic ability can briefly cancel Akrisae's prayers.

Players with access to Soul Split will not need food except in emergency situations. Healing via Soul Split when in combat will typically cover all damage taken from the brothers and crypt monsters. All of the brothers may be easily dispatched with threshold abilities. It is recommended to bind or stun Dharok when he has approximately half health, as he is capable of dealing excess damage. If using melee, dual-wielding is recommended for use of Destroy. By quickly running between each crypt, it is possible to keep adrenaline up the entire time so that threshold abilities may be used on all of the brothers. While low-levelled players may need to switch combat styles to cater to individual brothers' weaknesses, players with chaotic or higher weaponry should only rarely miss against any of the brothers. Additionally, it is not necessary to kill the brothers in any particular order. The only difference is the amount of time spent running between each crypt, simply based on the distance between two successive brothers. Kill 6 brothers, skipping Linza, and enter the remaining brother's tunnel.

The starting room of the tunnels has only one operational door. Find this door, and navigate through the tunnels. The chest is located in the centre of the tunnels, and only one of the four adjacent rooms may be used to enter the centre room. It is recommended to run through the passageways connecting corner rooms until finding a door with an "open" option leading into the central room. This door will be locked by a puzzle, and incorrectly answering the puzzle will cause the door to lock and require you to navigate the tunnels again to find a new door.

Puzzle solutions
Barrows door puzzle 1.png Barrows door puzzle 2.png
Barrows door puzzle 3.png Barrows door puzzle 4.png

While running through the tunnels, any of the brothers which have not been killed may spawn when a door is opened. If the brother is not Akrisae, kill him when he spawns, and continue through the maze. It is recommended that prayer renewal be active when running through the tunnels so that Soul Split may be used when killing this brother. If a ring of wealth is not being used, it is recommended to kill 8 crypt monsters while running through the tunnels. Upon opening the chest, the brother whose tunnel you are in will spawn if he has not yet been killed. If this brother is Akrisae, do not fight him. Otherwise, kill this brother. Loot the chest, and teleport out using Drakan's medallion. This teleport cannot be used when in combat, so it is recommended to run behind the chest if being attacked by Akrisae or a crypt monster. Alternatively the War's Retreat Teleport spell can be used to leave, with a boss portal attuned to the Barrows providing a quick way to return.

Experienced players should be able to complete one loot in under 3 minutes, though this will vary based on equipment and skill levels. At this rate, approximately 18 chests per hour are likely. However, with the recommended inventory supplies, it is possible to continue looting chests for several hours as only a small portion of the supplies will have been consumed after 1 hour.

  1. ^ Armour repair
  2. ^ For use on Akrisae the Doomed
  3. ^ Drop rate assumed to be ~1/512 per loot slot--Needs Verification