Harvesting incandescent energy with Divine Conversion relic

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Harvesting incandescent energy with Divine Conversion relic
Harvesting incandescent energy with Divine Conversion relic.png

95 Divination (99 recommended)
98 Archaeology (boostable from 95 with Archaeology potion)

86 Invention (boostable from 81 with Super invention or from 69 with 95 Herblore and Extreme invention
The World Wakes

Having unlocked the Divine Conversion relic from Archaeology

Ethereal Connection and Wisp Herder buffs from Memorial to Guthix recommended
ProfitROIExperience gained
6,208,000inf%60,000 Divination
InputsOutputs (6,208,000)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Incandescent energy.pngIncandescent energy32,0006,208,000

With level 98 Archaeology and 86 Invention, the player can unlock the Divine Conversion relic, which allows the conversion of a whole inventory of memories in one go. This doubles the rate of energy gathering and enables 26,000 energies to be gathered per hour with ease. A Superior energy-gathering scrimshaw will further boost rates by ~9,000 energy per hour.

The wisp colony can be easily reached by using the teleport option on the Elder divination outfit, or attuning a Max Guild skilling portal to incandescent wisp colony and using the teleport on a grace of the elves, which also spawns Seren spirits during gathering for additional profit. It is recommended to have the Ethereal Connection and Wisp Herder buffs from Memorial to Guthix active when harvesting memories along with a Divination cape to prolong the spring to last a duration of 40 seconds. The elder divination outfit also allows more energies to be gathered.

Several items, such a nightmare muspah familiar, a ring of whispers, the Prism of Dowsing spell, a superior energy-gathering scrimshaw, or the Enrichment aura can be used to even further boost the rate of gathering, although these are not necessary. It is possible to gather up to 35,000 energy per hour with all of these boosts active. It can be beneficial to bring a superior energy-gathering scrimshaw, as with virtually no downtime when converting memories means that you do not have to constantly toggle the activation to conserve charge when almost all of your time will be spent gathering memories instead of converting them. (Be sure to check the opportunity cost of selling an equivalent amount of ancient bones through a scrimshaw versus the amount of energy gained from using the scrimshaw.)

It is recommended to complete the memory-storage bots in the Hall of Memories to get a passive effect that increases energy gain when converting memories by one.

It's very important to train in the community divination training world 79, as it will greatly increase the amount of time you are gathering from the Enriched incandescent wisp.