Harvesting incandescent energy

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Harvesting incandescent energy
RequirementsHarvesting incandescent energy.png
95 Divination (99 recommended)
98 Archaeology (recommended for Divine Conversion)

Elder divination outfit recommended
Divination cape.png: RS3 Inventory image of Divination capeDivination cape recommended

Nightmare muspah pouch.png: RS3 Inventory image of Nightmare muspah pouchNightmare muspah pouch recommended
ProfitROIExperience gained
3,336,000inf%22,500 Divination
InputsOutputs (3,336,000)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Incandescent energy 1000.pngIncandescent energy12,0003,336,000

Incandescent energy is in high demand by all players; being the highest levelled energy players may harvest, it requires the least amount of energy to create augmentors, and divine charges for Invention training. They are also required to create Sign of the porter VII, which are in high demand for Archaeology training.

95 Divination is required to harvest incandescent energy, but having level 99 gives the best chances of harvesting enriched incandescent memories. Wear a full elder divination outfit or the divination energy outfit, divination memory outfit, or the divination chronicle outfit if you do not have it, summon a nightmare muspah, switch to the Divine Conversion relic power, and activate your highest tier enrichment aura to maximise energy gain. Remember that whenever a rift's power overflows from chronicles, an enriched wisp will spawn--as such, it's best you use a world where many other people are also harvesting incandescent energy, where more chronicles will be spawned and deposited per hour. Harvest it for a guaranteed supply and number of enriched memories. Enriched memories can be converted to twice the energy that normal memories can.

For maximum profit, convert all memories into energy (the first option). Converting memories to energy produces energies at approximately 8,000 (12000+ with 98 Archaeology) per hour.

An alternative to this is to gather energy after the Guthixian Cache boost. By doing this, one can gather 4500 energies by pregathering before entering the cache in 20 minutes while using a Nightmare muspah for a profit of 1,213,963 per time or 3,641,889 per hour. (This is not necessary if you have Divine Conversion active.)

A completed Elder divination outfit gives a 7% chance of getting double memories and a 5% chance of getting quintuples energies when converting.

If players have 98 Archaeology, the Divine Conversion perk should be set active at the mysterious monolith, as it allows players to instantly dump all of their memories into the crater to be converted into energy in one action, allowing them to return to harvesting memories immediately.