Grinding sandstone

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Grinding sandstone
RequirementsSandstone (10kg) detail.png
20 Crafting, Prayer
Sandstone (10kg).png: RS3 Inventory image of Sandstone (10kg)Sandstone (10kg)
ProfitExperience gained
334,42110,150 Crafting
10,150 Prayer
Inputs (2,871,529)Outputs (3,205,950)
1,451 × Sandstone (10kg).png Sandstone (10kg) (2,871,529)
1,450 × Blessed sand.png Blessed sand (3,205,950)

This method requires you to grind 10kg blocks of sandstone purchased from the Grand Exchange into extra fine sand, and the turn the sand into blessed sand at an Altar of Saradomin.
Output results can vary due to the liklihood of receiving amounts of extra fine sand from each piece. All sizes of sandstone can be utilised, however heavier blocks provide a faster rate of sand. In general expect to receive 1 sand per 10kg ground.

Grinding and blessing sandstone are each 2-tick actions. Including banking time, it should take approximately 60 ticks to grind an inventory of sandstone. Blessing sand can be done in larger amounts per make-x interaction, and banking is not required, so it should be slightly faster. It is advised to bless larger quantities of extra fine sand to improve efficiency.

It should be noted that the current buying price for blocks of sandstone is ENTIRELY inaccurate, test the market before investing heavily into this method.

Crafting experience can be slightly increased by using the artisan's outfit and Wise perk, and can be significantly increased by using a magic carpet pet and Sliske's Endgame set to spawn divine carpet dust and manifested knowledge. Chronicle Absorption can be used to automatically collect these, and prayer can easily be kept up by grinding at a bank near an altar like War's Retreat or a Clan Citadel keep for nearly no additional downtime.