Fishing karambwan

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Fishing karambwan
RequirementsFishing karambwan.png
65 Fishing
Small fishing net.png: RS3 Inventory image of Small fishing netSmall fishing net (on tool belt)
Karambwan vessel.png: RS3 Inventory image of Karambwan vesselKarambwan vessel
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio required
A Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen strongly recommended for fairy rings
The Elder Kiln recommended for TokKul-Zo
ProfitROIExperience gained
2,267,250inf%41,400 Fishing
InputsOutputs (2,267,250)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Raw karambwan.pngRaw karambwan3752,267,250

Access to fairy rings is strongly recommended as both the fishing spots for raw karambwanji (which are untradeable and required to catch karambwan) and raw karambwan are very close to fairy rings and otherwise remote.

Teleport to fairy ring CKR with a karambwan vessel, which is just south of the raw karambwanji fishing spot. Do not bring a Beast of Burden as they cannot carry karambwanji. There are level 28 hobgoblins around that are aggressive to players under level 56. You may catch one or two raw shrimps along with them. Discard those. You may load a single raw karambwanji into the vessel to carry one more, but you will have to drop it first at the karambwan spot to start catching until one of them steals the bait.

Once you have a full inventory of raw karambwanji, teleport to fairy ring DKP. Catching karambwan is almost instant but very click intensive. You must left click on the raw karambwanji, then use it on the vessel to load it, and then on the fishing spot for every catch. Additionally, when the vessel is emptied of karambwanji, it is automatically placed at the first available empty slot in your inventory, after the karambwan it just caught, which makes it move around a lot and tedious to click.

Using fairy rings and banking with TokKul-Zo and with some practice, one trip takes about 4 minutes. Some karambwan may steal your bait without being caught. The profit assumes 25 per inventory.