Finding Zamorak mjolnirs

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Finding Zamorak mjolnirs
RequirementsMaking History.png
Making History, Meeting History, Enchanted key (miniquest)
Be in a Clan. Completed Archaeology tutorial
ProfitROIExperience gained
Inputs (627,915)Outputs (12,983,460)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Magic notepaper.pngMagic notepaper12050,640
Ring of duelling (8).pngRing of duelling (8)7.528,628
Traveller's necklace.pngTraveller's necklace1293,360
Powerburst of acceleration (4).pngPowerburst of acceleration (4)7.595,288
ItemQuantityGE Price
Zamorak mjolnir.pngZamorak mjolnir6012,823,200
Saradomin mjolnir.pngSaradomin mjolnir60160,260
Enchanted Key MH1 - Exam Centre.png
Enchanted Key MH1 - Wayne's Chains.png
Enchanted Key MH1 - Al Kharid.png

The number of runs per hour may be higher or lower depending on the teleports available to you, whether you have Bladed Dive/Mobile, how much attention you pay to the game, and whether you are using The Light Within trick.

Mjolnirs can be hunted for again after completion of the Enchanted key miniquest. To be eligible, the player must not own any mjolnirs or the enchanted key. There are two ways that can be achieved: using the drop trick to trick Jorral into thinking we aren't in possession of any mjolnirs, or by starting The Light Within and not completing the section that requires you to use the Enchanted key because it allows you to obtain a key even if you already have a mjolnir. The order of mjolnirs is always the same (Guthix, Saradomin, then Zamorak).

  • Teleport to the Outpost with a traveller's necklace (2), talk to Jorral (Chat 21)
  • (Guthix) Archaeology journal teleport, run south-west.
  • (Saradomin) Teleport to the Clan Camp south of Falador via Clan vexillum (1), go north.
  • (Zamorak) Teleport to Het's Oasis via a ring of duelling (1), go north-west.
  • Use magic notepaper on the Saradomin and Zamorak mjolnir and drop/disassemble the Guthix mjolnir.
  • Repeat, but drop your stacks of mjolnirs before talking to Jorral, then pick them up afterwards.
    • If you are using The Light Within trick, you do not have to note/drop the mjolnirs.

The Guthix mjolnirs are not worth noting due to their low value, so it is recommended to drop or disassemble them, but you must keep it in your inventory until the Zamorak mjolnir is obtained. Due to slow sale rates on the Grand Exchange, gold per hour may vary.

  • Surge.png
  • Bladed Dive.png
  • Spade.png
  • Traveller's necklace.png
  • Archaeology journal.png
  • Clan vexillum.png
  • Ring of duelling (1).png

This is a recommended action bar, giving an easier access to all the items. Surge/Escape ability can replace Bladed Dive for players without 65 Attack or the ability unlocked.

Money and time can be saved by using the individual teleport items instead of a passage of the abyss, preferably if they're compacted, but this requires 110 Invention and extra invention components.