Farming bloodweed

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The methods in this guide may involve considerable risk, including (but not limited to): loss of money/items, unstable prices, and/or slow GE resale.
Reason: This method takes place inside the Wilderness, which means you should not bring in any items you are not prepared to lose.
You can discuss this issue on the talk page or edit this page to improve it.
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Farming grimy bloodweed
Profit per instanceFarming bloodweed.png
174,944 per instance
Activity time
1 minute
Minimum recurrence time
80 minutes
Effective profit
10,496,652 per hour
Skill requirementsQuest requirements
57 Farming None
Item requirementsOther requirements

Unlocked the Salvage Seed ability by reading the scroll of life (recommended)
Completed the hard wilderness achievements (recommended)

Experience gainedLocation
891.9 FarmingNorth of the Wilderness volcano
Inputs (131,946)Outputs (306,890)
1 × Bloodweed seed.png Bloodweed seed (98,147)
1 × Ultracompost.png Ultracompost (26,444)
0.25 × Juju farming potion (4).png Juju farming potion (4) (7,355)
10.2 × Grimy bloodweed.png Grimy bloodweed (297,075)
0.1 × Bloodweed seed.png Bloodweed seed (9,815)
The profit calculation above assumes exactly level 57 Farming and no effects that boost yield other than a juju farming potion and ultracompost. Using the crop farmer outfit, a greenfingers aura and the magic secateurs will increase profit further, as will simply having a higher Farming level.

Bloodweed is a rare herb, which can only be obtained by growing it in the herb patch north of the Wilderness Volcano. It is used to make powerful potions, not least of which is the aggression potion, which is very popular among high-level fighters. While any herb except vine herbs can be grown in the Wilderness herb patch, bloodweed is usually the most valuable one.

As ultracompost results in at least one additional herb compared to supercompost, and as grimy bloodweed is worth more than ultracompost, ultracompost should be favoured over supercompost when farming bloodweed. On a similar note, a dose of juju farming potion will pay for itself even if it is used only for one patch's worth of bloodweed.

The fastest way to reach the patch is using the Wilderness sword 1 or one of its upgrades to teleport right to it. Players without access to the Wilderness sword can instead make a waka canoe at a canoe station and travel into the Wilderness using that, although this requires level 57 Woodcutting. If neither of those are possible, running north from the Wilderness volcano lodestone is also an option, although it is slower and more dangerous than either of the others.

Upon reaching the patch, pick the herbs, treat the soil with ultracompost, and plant another bloodweed seed. You will then want to run south until you can teleport, using an item such as the Wilderness sword 4 or an amulet of glory which lets you teleport from level 30 Wilderness - right at the mouth of the Wilderness volcano.

After the elite Wilderness achievements, any herb planted in the Wilderness herb patch is immune to disease.

Although it may be difficult, depending on transportation methods and other patches visited, it is possible to visit this patch after a regular herb run with the buff from your juju farming potion still active. As you can't teleport directly from this patch, you will likely want to visit this patch as the very last one during a run, as the timer on your juju farming potion will keep ticking down while you run south towards a Wilderness level that allows you to teleport. If doing this, you will likely want to bank your other herbs and other high-value items before visiting this patch, as you risk losing those to player killers otherwise.

  1. ^ from the scroll of life