Exchanging agility arena tickets for pirate hook

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P2P icon.png
Tagging pillars at the Brimhaven Agility Arena
RequirementsBrimhaven Agility Arena.png
40+ Agility
Rocking Out (free entry)
200 coins for entry (optional)
ProfitROIExperience gained
12,965,934inf%66,000 Agility
InputsOutputs (12,965,934)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Agility Arena ticket.pngAgility Arena ticket650
ItemQuantityGE Price
Pirate hook (left).pngPirate hook (left)0.07512,965,934

The profit rate assumes 65 tickets per hour.

Refer to Brimhaven agility arena on methods to get there and the different types of methods you will face.

A Pirate hook costs 800 tickets, this is the only method that can obtain this item. Each ticket would be worth 216,098.91 each.