Excavating cobalt blue material cache

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Excavating cobalt blue material cache
RequirementsExcavating cobalt blue cache.png
48 Archaeology
Archaeological soil box recommended
ProfitExperience gained
1,240,5007,000 Archaeology
InputsOutputs (1,240,500)
250 × Cobalt blue.png Cobalt blue (1,240,500)

Excavate the Material cache (Cobalt blue) at the Everlight dig site's until it is depleted, hopping worlds each time it does so until your inventory is full. Deposit materials at the Materials cart near the cache and repeat.

It is highly recommended to use a soil box so as to increase the amount of Cobalt blue that can be excavated in a single inventory.

To increase the profit further, there are a number of additional items that are suggested:

  • A higher level mattock with perks such as Honed & Fortune. Using perks such as imp souled or Refined may reduce either the need to repeatedly bank or world hop.
  • Ring of whispers can invisibly boost gathering rates by 3%
  • Auto-screener v1.080 when used on material caches, only screens soil into the same gathering material (i.e Cobalt blue) for the cost of 3.33 charges
  • Master archaeologist outfit has a 7% increase on excavation rate
  • Binding contract (waterfiend) when used has the effect of doubling resources 5% of the time when gathering. When used in conjunction with the other suggestions, can further increase profit.