Excavating Material Cache (Blood of Orus)

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Excavating Material Cache (Blood of Orcus)
58 Archaeology
Pontifex signet ring
ProfitExperience gained
InputsOutputs (1,427,750)
250 × Blood of Orcus.png Blood of Orcus (1,427,750)
40 × Pylon battery.png Pylon battery (0)

Excavate the Material cache (Blood of Orcus) at the Kharid-Et dig site's until it is depleted. Deposit materials at the Materials cart on the north side of the Chapel Excavation site and repeat.

It is highly recommended to use a soil box so as to increase the amount of Blood of Orcus that can be excavated in a single inventory.

To increase the profit further, there are a number of additional items that are suggested:

A higher level mattock with perks such as Honed & Fortune. Using perks such as imp souled or Refined may reduce either the need to repeatedly bank or world hop.

Ring of whispers can invisibly boost gathering rates by 3%

Auto-screener v1.080 when used on material caches, only screens soil into the same gathering material (i.e Blood of Orcus) for the cost of 3.33 charges

Master archaeologist outfit has a 7% increase on excavation rate

Binding contract (waterfiend) when used has the effect of doubling resources 5% of the time when gathering. When used in conjunction with the other suggestions, can further increase profit.