Enchanting ruby bakriminel bolts

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The methods in this guide may involve considerable risk, including (but not limited to): loss of money/items, unstable prices, and/or slow GE resale.
Reason: Very slow to buy/sell items at expected prices
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Enchanting ruby bakriminel bolts
RequirementsEnchant bolts.gif
95 Magic
Staff of fire
ProfitExperience gained
788,40012,640 Magic
Inputs (3,098,600)Outputs (3,887,000)
1,000 × Ruby bakriminel bolts 5.png Ruby bakriminel bolts (2,957,000)
200 × Blood rune.png Blood rune (112,800)
100 × Cosmic rune.png Cosmic rune (28,800)
1,000 × Ruby bakriminel bolts (e) 5.png Ruby bakriminel bolts (e) (3,887,000)

Used for their special effect.

13,500 can be crafted per hour, but the limit is 1,000 off the GE per 4 hours. This would make profit 10,643,400 per hour.

Up to 60,000 bolts can be enchanted per hour (1,000 per minute) by holding spacebar and spam clicking the Enchant Crossbow Bolt spell repeatedly. This is very high intensity and not recommended for long periods of time. This increases experience per hour to 758,400, while increasing profit made to 47,304,000 per hour.