Cutting oak logs

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Cutting oak logs
RequirementsCutting oak logs.png
15 Woodcutting (higher recommended)
Rune hatchet.png: RS3 Inventory image of Rune hatchetRune hatchet or higher recommended
ProfitROIExperience gained
835,000inf%37,500 Woodcutting
InputsOutputs (835,000)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Oak logs.pngOak logs1,000835,000

Three oak trees are located east of Draynor bank. Logs should optimally be cut here, only going to the farthest tree when the other two have fallen. The logs may then be deposited into the bank deposit box once a full inventory of logs has been collected. A full load of 28 takes approximately 90 seconds with a decent Woodcutting level, so about 1000 logs may easily be cut per hour.

Other good alternative locations include southwest of Varrock west bank, north of Lumbridge bank chest, or northwest of Falador north gate (with the Heist bank).

May's Quest Caravan is situated among oaks, but is members only.