Cutting elder logs

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Cutting elder logs
RequirementsElder tree.png
90 Woodcutting (higher recommended)
33 Summoning recommended
22 Invention recommended
Honed perk (recommended)
ProfitROIExperience gained
657,370inf%48,750 Woodcutting
InputsOutputs (657,370)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Elder logs.pngElder logs70657,370

Elder trees take 5 minutes to cut down and 10 minutes to regrow, which means you need to select 3 elder tree locations and move between those 3. It is advised to bring equipment such as amulets to teleport you to the bank to store all logs held when you move to the next tree. You will get 12 - 16 logs on average per tree (per 5 minutes) which means you bank once per 2 trees.

There is a method that does not require any amulets to teleport you. This method requires going from the Yanille elder tree to the Varrock elder tree and then to the Edgeville elder tree. After you cut down the Yanille elder, cut the Varrock elder. Then go to Edgeville and bank then run south to cut that elder. After you cut that elder, run back north to bank and then start the process over again at Yanille. Another similar option is to use Varrock, and then the two trees to the north and south of Draynor, this allows you to bank at Draynor without losing too much time, if not using Grace of the Elves.

Various boosts can be used to increase log cutting speed:

  • A Beaver gives an invisible Woodcutting boost of +2 which may give you more logs per minute. Beaver pouches are inexpensive, so it is worth it to use them. However their multichop special move does not work on Elder trees.
  • The Lumberjack auras increase the odds of successfully cutting a log.
  • An augmented hatchet with the honed perk increases the success of gathering logs by 2% per rank.
  • Any God banner can give a +2 visible woodcutting boost for 30 minutes once a day.
  • Perfect juju woodcutting potion or perfect plus potion could increase log outcome by 5% every hour per dose (or 4 hours/dose with perfect plus).
  • A completed nature's sentinel outfit boosts woodcutting speed by 7% and also offers 20 daily teleports to tree locations.

There are also items that increase the potential profit:

  • A completed nature's sentinel outfit increases the rate of bird's nest drops by 7% and stacks with other boosts.
  • A strung rabbit foot also increases the rate of bird's nest drops and stacks with other boosts.
  • Any variant of the Woodcutting cape also increases the rate of bird's nest drops and stacks with other boosts.
  • Tree-shaking scrimshaws increase the rate of bird's nest drops by 300% (or 400% for the superior version) and also give a chance to spawn implings.
  • A dwarven chainaxe doubles the amount of logs received at the cost of XP.
  • A Grace of the Elves charged with porters allows you to not need to bank. However, this does mean you can't wear the strung rabbit foot so the other option is to just have a bunch of porters if you want those bird nests for extra profit. Porters can also teleport the bird's nest when it's picked up.
  • For those without convenient teleports the Superior locator can be made at 81 Divination which can teleport you to a random Elder Tree with each use. It's still a good option to have in addition to other teleport options.
  • A Waterfiend (familiar) has a 5% chance to duplicate any logs gained and stores them in its inventory.
  • Sana's fyrtorch increases the chance of successfully cutting logs by +6% when Woodcutting and also provides a +20% chance of receiving an extra log. It also has a 12% chance of producing splintering arrow tips.