Creating small classic and large historic crates

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Creating Small classic and Large historic crates
RequirementsInvention Guild entrance.png
20 Invention (81 for Auto dis. machine)
5 Archaeology (depends on upgrades)
Ring of Whispers (recommended)
Elder rune mattock (or higher)
Invention master cape (optional)
Master archaeologist's outfit (optional)
Guild shop mattock base precision upgrade No. 2 (recommended, or higher)

Hotspot Calc (determining how many Venator's per hour you can obtain, per your input)

Restore calc (determine total materials needed depending on your artefacts per hour)
ProfitExperience gained
2,623,628.81,630 Invention
24,408 Archaeology
Inputs (7,489,420)Outputs (10,113,048.8)
40 × Venator dagger.png Venator dagger (0)
1,120 × Third Age iron.png Third Age iron (3,405,920)
1,120 × Zarosian insignia.png Zarosian insignia (3,673,600)
100 × Green dragonhide body.png Green dragonhide body (409,900)
0.72 × Small crate (classic components).png Small crate (classic components) (1,792,643.04)
1.28 × Large crate (historic components).png Large crate (historic components) (8,320,405.76)

This profit rate assumes 80 artefacts obtained per hour. Using the bare minimum: Elder rune mattock and precision upgrade No. 2, while being AFK (99% activity time). Depending on your equipment and upgrades, can increase the artefacts per hour.

  1. Preparation
    • Buy 1,120 of each material from the GE. Use the Restore calc to determine how much you need depending on how many artefacts you gain per hour.
    • Disassemble the green dragonhide bodies (with Invention master cape worn or on the skillcape stand) by yourself, or put them in an Auto disassembler mk. II for idle components (larger quantities).
  2. Excavate Venator remains to obtain artefacts.
  3. Once you have obtained at least 80 in total, go to the workbench and restore them.
  4. Disassemble the restored artefacts as you finish them off. They cannot be stacked or noted.
  5. Head to an invention workbench to create small classic and large historic crates.

While excavating you will also find the needed materials (Third Age iron and Zarosian Insignia) in equal proportions, and Ancient gravel as well. As a slightly different method, have your soil box with you while digging and keep filling it with soil. When your inventory is full with artefacts and materials, go to the workbench nearby, restore the artifacts, disassemble them and repeat. The materials found while digging are about 10-15% of those needed and this makes it even more profitable, with the soil as a bonus to be sold or screened for even more materials.