Crafting spider wands

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Crafting spider wands
RequirementsCrafting Leather.gif
26 Crafting
20 Runecrafting
Spider silk.png: RS3 Inventory image of Spider silkSpider silk
Thread.png: RS3 Inventory image of ThreadThread
Logs.png: RS3 Inventory image of LogsLogs
ProfitROIExperience gained
560,52020.22%40,500 Crafting
Inputs (2,771,820)Outputs (3,332,340)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Spider silk.pngSpider silk3,240988,200
ItemQuantityGE Price
Spider wand.pngSpider wand1,6203,332,340

The player should make a bank preset of five threads, nine logs, and 18 spider silk. It should take 20 seconds to craft nine spider wands (with five seconds for banking). 1,620 spider wands can be crafted per hour. All of the 540 threads won't be needed because one thread may be used to craft multiple wands. It should be noted that spider silk may be hard to buy at the Grand Exchange. It's recommended to do this one hour at a time since the spider wands may be hard to sell, but they should be able to sell slowly over time. The player may do other money making methods in the meantime while waiting for the item to buy/sell. It's possible to craft other spider silk items if spider wands are currently selling slowly. It is advisable to add the spider silk to the action bar on the same key that the bank preset is set to. For example, set the bank preset to 2 and set the spider silk on the second slot of the action bar. Using this method, the amount of time it takes to craft nine spider wands can be reduced to 17-18 seconds, resulting in up to 1,905 spider wands per hour.

While not particularly expensive on the GE, 1,000 thread can be purchased from the Fancy Clothes Store in Varrock for 4,000 coins. This can be both quicker and cheaper than using the GE.

To find the current location of a Portable crafter, ask in the "portables" Friends chat or access the Portables Google spreadsheet.

Level Item Profit
20 Crafting Spider silk gloves 627,984
21 Crafting Spider silk boots 633,591
22 Crafting Spider silk hood 1,053,000
23 Crafting Spider silk robe bottom 1,285,200
24 Crafting Spider silk robe top 724,740
25 Crafting Spider orb 963,000