Crafting smoke runes

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Crafting smoke runes
RequirementsFire Altar inside.png
15 Runecrafting (90 recommended)
93 Summoning recommended
82 Magic
Lunar Diplomacy
Lunar spells as active spellbook
Magic Imbue
Repair Rune Pouch recommended, otherwise NPC Contact for pouch repair
ProfitROIExperience gained
8,055,842387.96%120,897 Runecrafting
Inputs (2,076,478)Outputs (10,132,320)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Pure essence.pngPure essence12,1201,199,880
Air rune.pngAir rune12,120593,880
Astral rune.pngAstral rune240183,120
Law rune.pngLaw rune3.6885.6
Cosmic rune.pngCosmic rune3.6900
Abyssal titan pouch.pngAbyssal titan pouch222,916
Binding necklace.pngBinding necklace814,296
Ring of duelling (8).pngRing of duelling (8)1560,600
ItemQuantityGE Price
Smoke rune.pngSmoke rune12,12010,132,320

The profit rate assumes 120 trips per hour (30 second trips to the Fire Altar with Surge minus some time to renew summoning points at an altar). Your actual profit rate may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

Crafting smoke runes may be incredibly profitable. Their price, however, is fairly unstable and profit rates can change quickly and drastically.

Inventory includes:

Start at the Fight Pit bank via the TokKul-Zo and fill your inventory with your pouches and the amount of Air runes you will be using and have the TokKul-Zo in your inventory. Wear your staff, infinity ethereal outfit, binding necklace and Ring of duelling. Make sure to place your astral, cosmic and law runes into your Large rune pouch and wear it to save space for one more pure essence instead of using that one inventory space for astral runes when using Magic Imbue and to repair your rune pouches. Summon your Beast of Burden and withdraw the pure essence to fill the the inventory of your Beast of Burden and save that BoB's preset. Bank presets and keybinds are required and greatly reduce the time needed. Save this preset and then you may start filling your inventory with pure essence.

Since you have 21 inventory slots for pure essence you can fill your small and medium pouch and your Infinity ethereal body all at once with keybinds or Shortcut keys. Next you need to open your bank again and load the preset again and fill your medium and large rune pouches (simultaneous with keybind). Repeat two more times to fill your massive pouch and inventory.

Directly afterwards teleport to the Fire Altar via the Ring of duelling. Surge north to the altar, use Magic Imbue, craft your runes and teleport back to the Fight Pit. Then repeat. Your action bar should look something like this:

  • Surge.png
  • Small pouch.png
  • Medium pouch.png
  • Infinity ethereal body.png
  • Large pouch.png
  • Giant pouch.png
  • Massive pouch.png
  • Ring of duelling (8).png
  • Magic Imbue icon.png
  • TokKul-Zo.png
  • Repair Rune Pouch icon.png

If you're using the Repair Rune Pouch spell, cast it every 50 trips. If you're using the NPC Contact spell, cast it every ninth trip.

It's recommended to store the runes for Magic Imbue and either repair rune pouch or NPC contact in a large rune pouch to save space in your inventory. You can also use a combined catalyst fragment instead of a staff to prevent the rune essence pouches from degrading, but you will have to fill your large rune pouch with runes for the Magic Imbue spell only, which is not recommended unless you use a second preset slots just for filling up the pouches.