Crafting ruby jewellery (Stringing amulets)

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Stringing Ruby amulets
RequirementsCrossbow stringing.gif
50 Crafting
ProfitROIExperience gained
3,971,52024.34%20,200 Crafting
Inputs (16,314,480)Outputs (20,286,000)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Ruby amulet (unstrung).pngRuby amulet (unstrung)5,04010,977,120
Ball of wool.pngBall of wool5,0405,337,360
ItemQuantityGE Price
Ruby amulet.pngRuby amulet5,04020,286,000

For this method the player needs to stand close to a bank. Make a preset of 14 Ruby amulets (unstrung) and 14 ball of wool. To string the amulets simply left click a ball of wool and then left click a ruby amulet (unstrung), the interface will open up and you'll just have to press "spacebar" to begin the action. This process should take around 10 seconds per inventory meaning you can string 5,040 amulets an hour.

It should be noted that ruby amulet (unstrung) have a buy limit of 5,000 every 4 hours meaning you'll have to stock up beforehand or create your own amulets if you want to do this for more than 1 hour at a time. It is possible to work around the limit by letting the order fill while doing other activities, directly trading with other players, or by using alternate accounts.