Crafting ruby jewellery

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Making ruby necklaces
40 Crafting
Artisan's outfit recommended
ProfitExperience gained
2,091,600126,000 Crafting
Inputs (4,132,800)Outputs (6,224,400)
1,680 × Gold bar.png Gold bar (1,968,960)
1,680 × Ruby.png Ruby (2,163,840)
1,680 × Ruby necklace.png Ruby necklace (6,224,400)

Ruby necklaces are made by combining a gold bar and a ruby. Thanks to the Metal Bank, you only need to bring rubies to the furnace as the gold bars will be pulled directly from your metal bank. Each Ruby Necklace gives a profit of 1,245 and each load of 28 is worth 34,860. Making a bank preset of 28 rubies will help minimize time spent banking.

The process is tedious, but requires a fairly small amount of attention. You need a furnace that is close to a bank, such as the one in Lumbridge (which is near the Lumbridge Market bank) or the ones in the Artisan's Workshop. Each full load takes 50.4 seconds to craft, plus a few seconds for running and interface manipulation. With maximum efficiency, you can get close to a run per minute for a total of 1,680 Ruby Necklaces per hour, resulting in a profit of 2,091,600 per hour.

It should be noted that Grand Exchange has a buy limit of 5,000 per 4 hours for rubies. The profit for making 5,000 necklaces is 6,225,000.

Other necklaces may also make a profit using the same method. Before you start, you may want to check to see if another necklace has a higher profit as all gold jewelry takes the same amount of time to craft.

The Artisan's outfit is a bonus experience set from Treasure Hunter and as a reward from Stealing Creation costing 100 reward points per piece. Each item alone provides 1% more Crafting experience when worn. When all of the set is equipped, the total bonus increases to 6%.