Crafting dragonstone rings

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Making dragonstone rings
55 Crafting
Artisan's outfit recommended
Family Crest recommended
Shilo Village (Optional - Needed to access Shilo Village (location))
Alternatively, anywhere with a close bank and furnace, eg. Falador or Lumbridge
ProfitROIExperience gained
2,867,76024.35%168000 Crafting
Inputs (11,776,800)Outputs (14,644,560)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Gold bar.pngGold bar1,6802,528,400
ItemQuantityGE Price
Dragonstone ring.pngDragonstone ring1,68014,644,560

Dragonstone rings are made by combining gold bars and dragonstones. If you completed Family Crest, you only need to bring cut dragonstones to the furnace as the gold bars will be pulled directly from your metal bank.

The process is tedious, but requires a fairly small amount of attention. You need a furnace that is close to a bank, such as the one in Lumbridge (which is near the Lumbridge market bank) or the ones in the Artisans' Workshop.

Completed Family Crest

Making a bank preset of 28 dragonstones will help minimise time spent banking. The time taken to craft and bank is about 64 seconds for 28 rings. This brings the number made per hour to 1,680 (60 trips average), giving 2,867,760 per hour.

Not completed Family Crest

It is highly recommended you make a bank preset with 14 dragonstone and 14 gold bars. The time taken to craft and bank is about 39 seconds for 14 rings. This brings the number made per hour to 1,292 (92–93 trips average), giving 2,205,444 per hour.