Crafting dragonstone bracelets

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Crafting dragonstone bracelets
74 Crafting
Artisan's outfit recommended for additional experience
Family Crest recommended to allow gold bars to be stored in the metal bank
Shilo Village (needed to access Shilo Village (location))
Alternatively, anywhere with a close bank and furnace, eg. Falador or Lumbridge
ProfitROIExperience gained
184,800 Crafting
Inputs (12,043,920)Outputs (15,697,920)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Gold bar.pngGold bar1,6802,311,680
ItemQuantityGE Price
Dragonstone bracelet.pngDragonstone bracelet1,68015,697,920

Deposit the gold bars into the metal bank at the furnace. Create a bank preset with an inventory filled with 28 dragonstones. Run to the furnace and use it to craft an inventory of dragonstone bracelets. Run back to bank, reload your preset and repeat.

The best place to do this is in Shilo Village as it is the closest furnace to a bank in the game. In Shilo Village, you can complete an inventory in just around 60 seconds. This guide assumes a flat 64s for leniency. Edgeville is also a good location as it is close to a bank as well, however an inventory will take slightly longer than 60s due to the added distance between the furnace and the bank.

Be aware that dragonstones generally buy at slightly higher than mid price on the Grand Exchange. Nevertheless, this method is an easy “afk” profit process as it only requires 4 actions per minute:

  1. Click the furnace
  2. Press space to begin project
  3. Click banker (after crafting)
  4. Press bank preset to reload it

These actions account for roughly 8 seconds. 52 seconds are spent waiting for the bracelets to craft.

You can still do this method without completion of Family Crest by using a bank preset with 14 dragonstones and 14 gold bars. The time taken to craft and bank is about 39 seconds for 14 bracelets. This brings the number made per hour to 1,292 (92–93 trips average), giving 2,810,100 per hour.