Crafting decorated woodcutting urns

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Crafting decorated woodcutting urns
RequirementsCrafting decorated urns.png

76 Crafting
82 Magic

Steam battlestaff
Lunar Diplomacy

Lunar spells as active spellbook
Prifddinas unlocked recommended

ProfitROIExperience gained
218,624 Crafting
154,112 Magic
Inputs (3,336,704)Outputs (6,639,360)
3,584 × Soft clay.png Soft clay (2,458,624)
1,792 × Astral rune.png Astral rune (716,800)
8,960 × Earth rune.png Earth rune (161,280)
ItemQuantityGE PriceNote
Decorated woodcutting urn (nr).pngDecorated woodcutting urn (nr)1,7926,639,360

You can verify which decorated urns are currently the most profitable by checking this page.

After buying the required soft clay, use the pottery wheel in the Ithell district of Prifddinas to craft any type of unfired decorated urns. The nearest bank is the chest located just southeast of the pottery wheel. After all the unfired urns are created, you can now begin firing them using the Fire urn spell from the Lunar spellbook. A steam battlestaff can cover he cost of the fire and water runes, which only leaves the earth runes and astral runes that need to be procured. For both steps (crafting and firing), bank presets are highly recommended.

If you don't have access to Prifddinas, you can also try this method using the pottery wheels in the Crafting Guild and banking at the bank chest in the Clan Camp. However, this is much slower, since the distance between the pottery wheel and the bank is larger than in Prifddinas, plus there is door in the way that must be opened each time.

If you don't have access to the Fire urn spell (either because you don't have the Lunar spellbook unlocked or you lack the Magic requirement), you can still fire the urns normally using a pottery oven. However, this is strongly discouraged since firing pottery this way is 5x slower than using the spell, and heavily cuts into the profit per hour.