Crafting air runes with a wicked hood

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Crafting air runes with a wicked hood
RequirementsCrafting armadyl runes.png
110 Runecrafting (boosted)
104 Farming
93 Summoning
91 Herblore
36 Archaeology
Hero's Welcome
War's Retreat Teleport unlocked
ProfitROIExperience gained
2,049,09865.32%61,200 Runecrafting
Inputs (3,137,219)Outputs (5,186,318)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Pure essence.pngPure essence12,2401,505,520
Abyssal titan pouch.pngAbyssal titan pouch1.511,219
Powerburst of sorcery (4).pngPowerburst of sorcery (4)7.251,019,749
Super runecrafting (3).pngSuper runecrafting (3)3.33599,332
Spider venom.pngSpider venom3.331,400
Wicked hood teleport token.pngWicked hood teleport token400
ItemQuantityGE Price
Air rune.pngAir rune207,4535,186,318

This method involves rapidly crafting air runes with a runes per essence multiplier of x26 through use of Wicked hood teleport tokens.


This activity is highly click-intensive and requires Runespan points.

Either rune or pure essence may be used in this method.

  • One rune essence is currently valued at 119 coins.
  • While one pure essence is 123 coins.

Alternatively, players may use this method at the Fire and Water Altars, and retain similar profitability.

This guide does not take into consideration the time and costs for obtaining Runespan points.


It is possible to achieve more than 132 successful loops per hour with this method. 120 runs per hour will be used as the base for the purposes of this guide. This assumes a 30 second loop. One dose each of extreme runecrafting (4) and powerburst of sorcery (4) will be consumed every 12 and 4 loops, respectively, for a total of 10 and 29 doses used per hour.

A total of 103 pure/rune essence can be carried for the majority of these runs by adding a third banking preset. Alternatively, players can choose to skip the use of powerburst of sorcery to lower initial costs and still retain slightly lower profitability. For the purposes of this guide, 102 essence per trip will be used.

While not considered in this guide, the explorer's ring 2, 3, 4, will increase the hourly profit from this activity by approximately 30,600 coins.

This guide does assume the player has the 5% runes bonus from the Hero's Welcome quest's rewards.


One elder Arcane Apoterrasaur must be placed in each of the large dinosaur pens with farm totems placed to activate their tier 2 perk. This increases your runes per essence multiplier by +2 for each of the four elemental runes.

The player should create the following Bank presets. Note that presets 1 and 2 are necessary for efficiency. However, adding preset 3 is recommended for optimal gains beyond the guide's stated profit.

A dedicated action bar should also be setup in advance. When using banking presets and teleporting to and from your destination. The biggest obstacle becomes the highly intensive loading of pouches in rapid succession. Making your hotkey setup crucial. A properly setup action bar will include hotkeys for:

  • Loading Torso/Pouches quickly/efficiently
  • Teleporting to and from the Air altar
  • Renewing potions' effects

While not required for this method, Double Surge is an excellent investment when a lack of wicked hood teleport tokens is present. Players can still achieve acceptable profits (albeit substantially reduced) with Double Surge and powerburst of sorcery. This, again, is a high-intensity method.

Players should be equipped with a summoned abyssal titan, infinity ethereal outfit, active pouch protector, and optionally an explorer's ring 2, 3, 4 . Lastly, ensure your wicked hood is charged with a minimum of 120 teleports.

When ready to proceed, consume one dose of extreme runecrafting and move to the bank chest within War's Retreat to begin the loop.

The Loop

  1. Open the bank chest and load one of your dedicated presets.
  2. Use hotkeys to fill torso, small, and medium rune pouches.
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 to fill large and giant pouches.
  4. Repeat steps 1 & 2 to fill massive pouch.
  5. Open the bank chest and load Preset 1.
  6. Use hotkeys to teleport to the Air Altar via the wicked hood.
  7. Enter the Air Altar.
  8. Consume one dose of the powerburst of sorcery and quickly click on the Altar to craft runes.
  9. Use hotkeys to cast War's Retreat Teleport and return to the bank chest.
  10. Repeat.

For optimal gains, use Preset 3 between cooldowns. Alternating between presets at Step 5 as needed. (essentially every 4 and 12 loops)

A single loop on average yields 1392.3 air runes or 34,807.5 coins. This is further increased to 2784.6 air runes or 69,615 coins per loop with an active powerburst of sorcery.