Completing the Zamorakian I collection

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Completing the Zamorakian I collection
RequirementsInfernal Source.png
36 Archaeology (50+ strongly recommended)
Soil box or Auto-screener v1.080

Archaeology journal

Rune mattock or better (strongly recommended)
Mattock Precision Upgrade(s) highly recommended
ProfitExperience gained
980,4486371.9 Archaeology from completing the restorations, more from digging materials.
InputsOutputs (980,448)
5,836 × Chronotes.png Chronotes (980,448)

Completing the Zamorakian I collection has a very high output of Chronotes per hour and can easily be done by mid-tier players. However, the gold becomes much more efficient per hour at 50+ Archaeology, while still remaining decent experience per hour due to faster clear times. Players should have no issues completing the Zamorakian I collection in an hour (or less) at levels 50+, depending on artefact drop rates and attention paid to the Time Wisp rotations.


  • Rotate excavation hotspots lowest to highest, starting at Lodge Bar Storage and working your way down to Sacrificial Altar.
  • After turning in one set of artefacts to Isauru, all subsequent sets should be turned in to the museum for maximum Chronotes.

Alternatively, Just Sell Materials

It should be noted that Zamorakian Materials are valuable, so players may have better luck selling the materials instead of completeing restorations. Due to drop rates however, a per hour guide for this is extremely difficult to calculate.