Completing the Fight Kiln

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Completing the Fight Kiln
RequirementsHar-Aken Attacks.png

90+ Attack and Strength, or Magic, or Ranged recommended
92 Prayer (95+ recommended)
96 Herblore recommended


Tier 90+ melee weapon
Tier 90+ melee armour
Elder rune pickaxe + 5.png: RS3 Inventory image of Elder rune pickaxe + 5Elder rune pickaxe + 5 (on toolbelt is recommended)
TokKul-Zo.png: RS3 Inventory image of TokKul-ZoTokKul-Zo strongly recommended

The Elder Kiln
The Brink of Extinction (recommended)
Have sacrificed a fire cape for entry into the Kiln
ProfitExperience gained
3,855,018300,000 Magic / Attack
Inputs (678,810)Outputs (4,533,828)
6 × Super restore (4).png Super restore (4) (13,998)
2 × Overload flask (6).png Overload flask (6) (423,830)
400 × Air rune.png Air rune (30,800)
20 × Shark.png Shark (50,080)
1 × Steel titan pouch.png Steel titan pouch (4,486)
100 × Steel of Legends scroll.png Steel of Legends scroll (49,000)
1.5 × Weapon poison++ (4).png Weapon poison++ (4) (56,214)
2 × Uncut onyx.png Uncut onyx (4,533,828)

This guide assumes a completion speed of 30 minutes per Kiln on fast spawns with cutscenes disabled; your actual profit per hour will vary with different completion speeds.

Completing the Fight Kiln gives the player a choice of one of two rewards: the TokHaar-Kal or an uncut onyx. Completing this minigame is the fastest way to earn an uncut onyx and the only guaranteed method.

Most of the monsters pose no threat with high level gear and stats. This makes most of the waves straightforward combat against multiple enemies. For the most part, having Soul Split active the entire time will heal back any damage taken. Attack enemies (with a specific weakness) with the side of the combat triangle they are weak to, or else you will deal half damage to those enemies.

At the beginning of every even numbered wave, a crystal will spawn in the centre of the arena. There are 6 crystals, and each crystal appears 3 times. Magic, Ranged, and Strength crystals raise their respective stat to 150% (148 at level 99), but lower defence, the other offensive stats (excluding attack) to 48. Using stat restoration of any kind will not remedy this decrease, as the stats are lowered again every few seconds. These crystals are not useful and should not be picked up.

The other 3 crystals are restoration, invulnerability, and constitution. These crystals can prove very useful in a pinch. The invulnerability crystals prove to be especially useful on wave 36.

Only 2 monsters pose any real threat in the Fight Kiln: TokHaar-Ket-Dill and TokHaar-Jad. The latter, however, can have its damage completely nullified if the correct deflection curse is put on in time. When TokHaar-Jad swiftly slams the ground with his front two feet, turn on Deflect Ranged. When he pulls his head inwards and then stands on his hind legs, turn on Deflect Magic. All other monsters during that wave can be ignored as you fight TokHaar-Jad, as they should not deal a significant amount of damage. Wave 36 is comprised of 2 TokHaar-Jad. This can be handled either by luring one around the rock in the centre of the field and taking down the other without interruption, or by using an invulnerability crystal to temporarily avoid all damage. It is worth saving a crystal for this, as it has limited uses when you can rely on Soul Split to heal. TokHaar-Jad appears on waves 10, 20, 30, 34, 35, and twice on wave 36.

TokHaar-Ket-Dill are the only monsters that will deal a dangerous amount of damage. They must first have their armour chipped off by attacking them with a Elder rune pickaxe + 5 Your accuracy affects your ability to damage their armour. Alternatively, using a melee weapon while having the pickaxe on the tool belt will also chip off its armour. If you have a steel titan or other familiar, it can deal damage even when the armour is not yet broken. After a few hits from the pickaxe, their armour breaks and damage can be dealt to them normally. Switch from your pickaxe to your staff to deal with them effectively. Every so often, TokHaar-Ket-Dill use their special attack (which is prompted in the chatbox as "The TokHaar-Ket-Dill slams the ground."), dealing around 1,500 life points. This damage cannot be avoided or protected against, even with an invulnerability crystal. Using prayers, curses, or the vampyrism aura provokes them to use this attack more often, so these should be avoided when in combat with them. TokHaar-ket-Dill appear on waves 5, 19, and six times on wave 28.

After completing waves 10, 20, 30, 33, and 36, there will be a short intermission and the size of the arena will shrink. This cutscene can be skipped by clicking anywhere outside of the chat box or alternatively toggled off by right-clicking the Kiln's entrance and selecting Toggle cutscenes before starting. After wave 36 is completed, Har-Aken, the final monster to defeat, will appear.

Har-Aken has 150,000 life points and will only surface from the lava every 72 seconds. Attacking the tentacles will not affect his head appearing; however, it is recommended to attack them with Soul Split active to mitigate any damage they may deal. When Har-Aken's head resurfaces, refocus your attacks on it. Build up adrenaline before it appears, activate a magic crystal, and use Onslaught until you must cancel it. Build back to 100% adrenaline on the tentacles and use Sunshine and a Replenishment potion when the head resurfaces. After Har-Aken is defeated, you will be offered your reward. If you click anywhere during this cutscene, you will exit the cave back to TzHaar City, but you may re-enter the cave to the Fight Kiln and speak with TokHaar-Hok to claim your prize. There is a bank immediately outside the entrance to the Fight Kiln, so it is quick to restock for subsequent playthroughs.