Collecting wine of zamorak

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Collecting Wine of Zamorak
RequirementsCollecting wine of zamorak.png
33 Magic or high Combat
37 Prayer recommended 80 Defence recommended
Staff of air.png: RS3 Inventory image of Staff of airStaff of air
Ranged armour and food recommended
ProfitExperience gained
894,0603,870 Magic
Inputs (33,750)Outputs (927,810)
90 × Law rune.png Law rune (33,750)
90 × Wine of Zamorak.png Wine of Zamorak (927,810)
Captured Temple map

Wine of Zamorak is used to create super ranging potions and super Zamorak brews. There is a wine of zamorak spawn that can be taken from the table in the Captured Temple by hand only if the six nearby Monks of Zamorak are dead, or by using Telekinetic Grab, which requires 33 Magic.

The temple is near the Falador lodestone - run north from here to reach it. Use Telekinetic Grab to take the wine. This will make the monks aggressive, but running east past where Miazrqa wanders will immediately drop their aggro. Alternatively players may kill all the monks and then take the wine by hand. As the wine respawns every 30 seconds, players should hop worlds to obtain more.

The nearby altar permits liberal use of Protect from Magic to prevent the player from taking too much damage from the monks. Once your inventory is full you can bank in Falador and repeat.

If you are able to world hop perfectly after each telekinetic grab you can obtain 120 per hour (a profit of 1,192,080). This can be very difficult to do.