Collecting limpwurt roots

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Collecting limpwurt roots
RequirementsCollecting limpwurt roots.png
20 Dungeoneering
88 Combat recommended
Brass key.png: RS3 Inventory image of Brass keyBrass key
ProfitExperience gained
InputsOutputs (1,094,698)
None374 x Limpwurt root.png: RS3 Inventory image of Limpwurt rootLimpwurt root (1,094,698)

There are 4 spawns of Limpwurt root in the resource dungeon located within Edgeville Dungeon where the Hill giants are. To access the dungeon efficiently, a brass key is needed to enter the hut just west of Cooks' Guild.

Hill giants are aggressive to any player with a combat level of less than 88, which may be an annoyance to the gathering process. It is therefore recommended to have 88 combat. It is not recommended to note limpwurt roots with Magic notepaper; the grand exchange price of notepaper exceeds that of limpwurt roots and would thus make this method financially nonviable.

On an averagely populated world, each limpwurt root respawns at a rate of 56 seconds per spawn. However, as it takes less than 15 seconds to collect all 4 roots, it is recommended to constantly switch between (preferably more than 2) worlds, effectively eliminating the respawn time.

It takes about 90 seconds to run to the Varrock west bank or Grand Exchange (the latter seems slightly faster but the difference is minimal) and back, and about 260 seconds for a full trip (27 roots, with 1 space for the brass key), allowing free players (without a Beast of Burden or Varrock Teleport to Grand Exchange) to make 1,094,698 coins an hour.

During the waiting period between spawns, if unwilling or unable to world hop (which requires not being in combat) one can also engage in other activities, such as killing the hill giants, or performing skills such as casting High Level Alchemy on noted items, but this would reduce profit (to estimated 658,575 coins an hour).

Members are able to bank at the nearer Cooks' Guild (with 32 Cooking and completion of hard Varrock achievements) or a TokKul-Zo (requires completion of The Elder Kiln). The Dungeoneering cape offers unlimited direct teleports to the entrance of the resource dungeon (requires 99 Dungeoneering), and negates the need of a brass key as well. With both the Dungeoneering cape and the TokKul-Zo, one full trip takes about 190 seconds (530 roots, or 1,551,310 per hour). Additionally, since with the Dungeoneering cape it doesn't matter where the resource dungeon is, the Varrock Sewers resource dungeon is slightly faster as the limpwurt roots are closer to the entrance and to each other; one full trip takes about 150 seconds (672 roots, or 1,966,944 per hour).