Charging empty divine charges at cursed energy

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Charging empty divine charges at cursed energy

101 Invention
99 Divination
81 Summoning recommended

Ethereal Connection perk active from the Memorial to Guthix
ProfitExperience gained
4,565,822.35Unknown Divination
Inputs (1,943,897.65)Outputs (6,509,720)
70 × Divine charge (empty).png Divine charge (empty) (1,499,540)
0.33 × Energy-gathering scrimshaw.png Energy-gathering scrimshaw (396,727.65)
70 × Divine charge.png Divine charge (6,509,720)

With the aura, summon, and scrimshaw active, and the divine-o-matic equipped with 100 empty divine charges, start siphoning. With all of the above recommended items and paying moderate attention, you can fill 70 charges per hour. This will vary depending on effort as well as what of the above you have active, which will impact your earnings. This also is affected by whether you purchase or craft your own empty divine charges.