Casting siphon self

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Casting siphon self
RequirementsMuspah scroll (Siphon Self).gif
95+ Divination
81 Summoning
Nightmare muspah pouch.png: RS3 Inventory image of Nightmare muspah pouchNightmare muspah pouch
Muspah scroll (Siphon Self).png: RS3 Inventory image of Muspah scroll (Siphon Self)Muspah scroll (Siphon Self)
ProfitROIExperience gained
182,34979.81%1,440 Summoning
Inputs (228,473)Outputs (410,822)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Nightmare muspah pouch.pngNightmare muspah pouch1.0343,163
Muspah scroll (Siphon Self).pngMuspah scroll (Siphon Self)90185,310
ItemQuantityGE Price
Elder energy.pngElder energy30022,500
Radiant energy.pngRadiant energy465127,410
Luminous energy.pngLuminous energy292.564,643
Incandescent energy.pngIncandescent energy765151,470
Portent of degradation III.pngPortent of degradation III3.1544,799

Siphon self is the special move of the nightmare muspah. Using it generates an amount of energy relevant to your Divination level. From 95 Divination, it generates primarily incandescent energy, as well as luminous, radiant, and elder energy. It also generates some portents of degradation III and signs of the porter vi. This uses 20 special move points, meaning it can be used 90 times per hour without summoning potions. As this method requires very little effort and only a single inventory space, it can easily be combined with other money making methods. Gathering divine energy in particular may be a good fit, as the nightmare muspah provides other benefits when training Divination.

Muspah scroll (Siphon Self)s can prove hard to buy on the Grand Exchange, so buying pouches and making scrolls instead may be a more reliable option. This changes the cost per scroll from 2,059 to 4,190.6, and the hourly profit from 182,000 to −9,000

When first starting you will already have 60 summoning points, allowing an additional 3 scrolls to be used during the first hour.

Using Summoning potions

It is possible to use more scrolls per hour by using summoning potions to restore summoning points. The high cost of summoning potions compared to the profits this method provides means this is often not worth doing, but the method is documented below. Currently, this would provide an hourly profit (or loss) of −3,855,439.18

Siphon self can be cast every 5 ticks, and consumes 20 points. Thus, can use 1,200 scrolls per hour, requiring 24,000 special move points per hour. Natural regeneration restores 1,800, which means exactly 370 4-dose summoning potions are needed to make up the rest. (You get 60 points when you summon the familiar and haven't used special moves for over 2 minutes - i.e. when just starting after a break - saving one potion.) As there is a cooldown on how often the move can be used, banking to refresh your inventory should not consume any additional time, if timed and executed well. You should also only need to bank every 4 minutes and 12 seconds, additionally mitigating any time lost by banking.

You should set up a bank preset that empties your familiar and fills your inventory with summoning potions. You should also add a summoning potion to your action bar, set your familiar action to 'use special move', and bind keys to 'familiar action' and the summoning potion action bar slot (you don't need one of each potion, any one dose is fine). Thus you can (for example) click the bank, press 1 (withdraw preset), then repeat 1 (cast scroll) and 2 (drink potion) repeatedly until all the potions are done. You do not need to move from the bank, as long as the muspah can fit in the bank area.