Casting ophidian incubation

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The methods in this guide may involve considerable risk, including (but not limited to): loss of money/items, unstable prices, and/or slow GE resale.
Reason: Eggs doesn't sell at mid price and all other material are hyper inflated.
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Casting ophidian incubation
RequirementsCasting ophidian incubation.png
63 Summoning
Spirit cobra pouch.png: RS3 Inventory image of Spirit cobra pouchSpirit cobra pouch
Spirit Cobra scroll (Ophidian Incubation).png: RS3 Inventory image of Spirit Cobra scroll (Ophidian Incubation)Spirit Cobra scroll (Ophidian Incubation)
ProfitROIExperience gained
−4,159,819-91.52%7,254 Summoning
Inputs (4,545,019)Outputs (385,200)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Spirit Cobra scroll (Ophidian Incubation).pngSpirit Cobra scroll (Ophidian Incubation)1,8002,080,800
Spiritual prayer potion (6).pngSpiritual prayer potion (6)601,863,900
Spirit cobra pouch.pngSpirit cobra pouch1.076,319
ItemQuantityGE Price
Cockatrice egg.pngCockatrice egg1,800385,200

The spirit cobra's special move ophidian incubation will transform a single egg into a cockatrice egg, at the cost of 3 special move points.

Spirit Cobra scroll (Ophidian Incubation)s and spirit cobra pouches can be difficult to buy on the Grand Exchange, so you may have to make your own using crimson charms and snake hide. If you are at level 63 Summoning this may be a good use of your charms anyway. If you do this, create them at the Amlodd Clan obelisk while the Voice of Seren is active in the clan's district, if possible. Eggs are generally easy to buy, but they have a buy limit of 1,000 every four hours. It is possible to work around the limit by letting the order fill while doing other activities, directly trading with other players, or by using alternate accounts.

First obtain the necessary items above, then summon the spirit cobra. Change your currently selected action bar to a skilling action bar, or a new one. Right click the Summoning icon and select “Select Follower Interaction.” Select Special Move. Now drag the Summoning icon to a slot on your action bar. You may also wish to keybind your summoning potions. Note that the sound of ophidian incubation can be heard by other players, so you should also find a secluded bank in which to perform this method.

Next, create a preset if you haven't already. The preset should contain one spiritual prayer potion, twenty six Spirit Cobra scroll (Ophidian Incubation)s, and twenty six eggs. If you already have a preset ready, just withdraw it from your bank.

Once this is done, use your special move keybind, then click on eggs in your inventory until all are turned into cockatrice eggs. Whenever your familiar's special move points drop to 30, drink a dose of the spiritual prayer potion. This is to avoid wasting any of points regained due to the familiar's natural regeneration. You can easily drink the dose in between uses of the special move. When you convert all the eggs in your inventory, open the bank and withdraw the preset again, then repeat the process. Do not worry about any unspent doses of the spiritual prayer potion, as they can be decanted and sold back for a minor increase in profit once you are done.

The profit figure this article uses is calculated based on an estimate of 40 seconds per inventory of eggs. This estimate allows room for banking time and a reasonable amount of errors, misclicks, and other such delays. With practice, it is possible to outperform it, resulting in even greater profit.

Sell your cockatrice eggs on the Grand Exchange, which should not be difficult as they are used in summoning potions. Alternatively, brew these summoning potions yourself for Herblore experience and, depending on the market, further profit.