Casting Bones to Bananas

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Casting Bones to Bananas
RequirementsBones to Bananas.gif
15 Magic
Mud battlestaff.png: RS3 Inventory image of Mud battlestaffMud battlestaff or Staff of water.png: RS3 Inventory image of Staff of waterStaff of water
Hard Lumbridge achievements recommended for Explorer's ring 4
ProfitROIExperience gained
5,653,20055.3%70,000 Magic
Inputs (10,222,800)Outputs (15,876,000)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Nature rune.pngNature rune2,8002,360,400
ItemQuantityGE Price

One can cast Bones to Bananas on an inventory of Bones (104) to turn them into bananas.

Bananas are primarily used in Summoning to create the Fruit Bat familiar.

The spell cost 1 nature rune, 2 earth runes and 2 water runes equaling 5,261,200 wielding a Staff of water or 5,653,200 wielding a Mud battlestaff. The staff of water removes the need of any water runes and the Mud battlestaff (members) removes the need of any water runes and earth runes. If wielding the staff of water set up one of your quick presets to withdraw 26 bones, 1 nature rune and 2 earth runes. For members wielding the Mud battlestaff this would be 27 bones and 1 nature rune. Cast Bones To Bananas, which will cause the bones in your inventory to turn into bananas. Open the bank, click the Quick Preset, and repeat.

The Explorer's ring 4 gives a 50% chance of casting Bones to Bananas for free for up to 10 times per day, somewhat reducing the cost of this money-making method.

The method is most effective in low latency servers at a vacant bank. Use the Quick Preset hotkey "1", positioning mouse at the bank, put Bones to Bananas on keybind "Q" and continuously hold the key. It is possible to cast 2,800 spells per hour. The bank should be clicked immediately as the bank window has closed, and press "1" again immediately when bank is opened. This totals to 72,800 bones converted in an hour wielding a staff of water/earth, and 75,600 bones if wielding the mud battlestaff. Bones have a buy limit of 10,000, so if you intend to process larger quantities, you will need to plan ahead. It is possible to work around the limit by letting the order fill while doing other activities, directly trading with other players, or by using alternate accounts.