Buying construction materials from bandit duty free

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Buying supplies materials from bandit duty free
Profit per instance
664,190 per instance
Activity time
2 minutes
Minimum recurrence time
Effective profit
19,925,700 per hour
Skill requirementsQuest requirements
Item requirementsOther requirements
Amulet of glory(4)None
Experience gainedLocation
NoneBandit camp
Inputs (9,197,125)Outputs (9,861,315)
9,197,125 × Coins 10000.png coins (9,197,125)
5 × Gold leaf.png Gold leaf (681,995)
5 × Marble block.png Marble block (1,565,785)
5 × Stone of binding.png Stone of binding (2,308,115)
5 × Reinforcing plate.png Reinforcing plate (2,309,015)
5 × Algarum thread.png Algarum thread (2,393,715)
5 × Bloodweed seed 5.png Bloodweed seed (380,690)
3,000 × Broad arrowheads 5.png Broad arrowheads (222,000)
The Bandit duty is located in level 23 of the wilderness so you should be wary of PKers, the Bandits located at the camp will attack you if you are not skulled, to prevent this mechanic you can acquire yourself a skull by talking to mr EX who is located east of the Edgeville lodestone, while talking to him first pick the option 2 'Skull me', then pick option 1 for 3 times in a row and he will skull you.

After acquireing a skull teleport to the Wilderness Volcano and run North-West until your reach the bandit camp.

In the bandit camp go to the Western-Most building and trade with Noterazzo to open the Bandit Duty Free shop, buy the stock listed above and teleport out with your glory as its below level 30 wilderness.