Buying broad arrowheads

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Buying Broad arrowheads
Profit per instanceBuying broad arrowheads.png
63,000 per instance
Activity time
2 minutes
Minimum recurrence time
24 hours
Effective profit
1,890,000 per hour
Skill requirementsQuest requirements
None Smoking Kills
Item requirementsOther requirements
Slayer cape.png: RS3 Inventory image of Slayer capeSlayer cape, Ring of slaying.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ring of slayingRing of slaying, TokKul-Zo.png: RS3 Inventory image of TokKul-ZoTokKul-Zo, or Ferocious ring.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ferocious ringFerocious ring recommended, Wilderness sword 4.png: RS3 Inventory image of Wilderness sword 4Wilderness sword 4 recommended Being skulled If going to Noterazzo in the bandit camp.
Experience gainedLocation
NoneTaverley, Pollnivneach and Bandit Camp (Wilderness)
Inputs (450,000)Outputs (513,000)
450,000 × Coins.png Coins (450,000)
9,000 × Broad arrowheads.png Broad arrowheads (513,000)
Broad arrowheads are often used in Fletching, and are one of the most commonly traded items in the game. Slayer shops sell 3000 of them a day for 50 coins each, and while the stock is shared between most of the shops, Turael and Spria in Burthorpe have an entirely separate stock, so up to 6000 total can be bought per day, from Turael/Spria and one other slayer master. Additionally, Notterazzo in the Wilderness Bandit Camp sells an additional 3000 daily, though this requires being skulled and has the risk of being killed.

The fastest way is to use the Slayer cape perk to quickly teleport to both Slayer masters. If the player doesn't own the cape, teleporting to Taverley via the Lodestone Network, then walking south and east to Turael/Spria is a good alternative. After buying the stock there, teleport to Sumona using a ring of slaying, and buy the stock there, then teleport to Edgeville and ask Mr Ex to skull you before running to the Wilderness camp. They can then be banked or sold on the Grand Exchange. Other slayer masters will also work, such as Kuradal (using the ferocious ring or the constructed fairy ring), Mazchna (using the Canifis lodestone), and Duradel/Lapalok (using the karamja gloves 3 teleport). Use the Wilderness sword 4's Edgeville teleport to leave the Wilderness quickly after buying Notterazzo's stock.

Note that the listed activity time is 2 minutes, but it could be much less if part of a larger daily run.