Crafting water runes through the abyss

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The methods in this guide may involve considerable risk, including (but not limited to): loss of money/items, unstable prices, and/or slow GE resale.
Reason: Players must enter the Wilderness to access the Abyss.
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Crafting water runes through the Abyss
RequirementsCrafting water runes.gif
  • 5 Runecrafting (95 recommended)
  • 93 Summoning recommended
  • 80 Dungeoneering recommended
  • 104 Farming recommended
  • 68 Archaeology recommended
  • 91 Herblore recommended
  • Small through Massive Runecrafting pouches
  • Wilderness sword
  • Demonic skull.png: RS3 Inventory image of Demonic skullDemonic skull for additional experience and additional chance at getting magical threads
  • Infinity ethereal outfit
  • Runecrafting potions of any tier recommended
  • Powerburst of sorcery
  • Quest
  • Hero's Welcome (recommended)
  • Other
  • Wilderness achievements (recommended)
  • Lumbridge achievements (recommended)
  • Nexus Mod (recommended)
  • Pouch Protector (recommended)
  • Bladed Dive (recommended)
  • Double Surge codex (recommended)
  • Results
    ProfitROIExperience gained
    137,700 Runecrafting
    Inputs (2,788,123)Outputs (25,491,667)
    ItemQuantityGE Price
    Pure essence.pngPure essence9,180982,260
    Abyssal titan pouch.pngAbyssal titan pouch1.4315,850
    Powerburst of sorcery (4).pngPowerburst of sorcery (4)7.51,306,650
    Extreme runecrafting (1).pngExtreme runecrafting (1)[1]10483,363
    ItemQuantityGE Price
    Water rune.pngWater rune113,60319,312,425
    Magical thread.pngMagical thread28.86,179,242

    The numbers listed assumes using all 5 pouches, the Infinity ethereal outfit, and the Abyssal Titan, and running 90 trips per hour while using the powerburst of sorcery every fourth trip. It also assumes that the player is wearing the demonic skull for increased XP and magical thread.

    Using the small through massive Runecrafting pouches, an Abyssal titan, the full Infinity ethereal outfit, and reserving one space for a Powerburst of sorcery, you can hold up to 102 essence per trip, resulting in a profit of 216,716 coins per trip (assuming 99 Runecrafting). Be sure to regularly repair the pouches as the giant pouch degrades after 12 uses or use the Pouch protector relic power.

    The Mage of Zamorak is located in low-level wilderness, near the source of the River Lum. This is a fairly safe area, but there might be player killers so it is advised not to take expensive items on the trips to the abyss. It is also a good idea to use a less-populated world. The suggested outfit is as follows (make sure enhanced excalibur has the Mobile perk):

    Aura slot.png
    Infinity ethereal head.png
    Demonic skull.png
    Slayer cape.png
    Phoenix necklace.png
    Ammo slot.png
    Wilderness sword 1.png
    Infinity ethereal body.png
    Enhanced Excalibur.png
    Infinity ethereal legs.png
    Infinity ethereal hands.png
    Infinity ethereal feet.png
    Explorer's ring 4.png
    • Wilderness sword 4.png
    • Small pouch.png
    • Medium pouch.png
    • Large pouch.png
    • Summoning icon.png
    • Giant pouch.png
    • Infinity ethereal body.png

    It is highly recommended to set up an action bar as show above, with the pouches and ethereal body on it so that they can be quickly filled. A typical trip would look like:

    • Open bank, right-click fill Massive pouch
    • Load preset
    • Fill Giant, Large pouches by pressing their keybinds
    • Take from Abyssal titan (can be put on action bar)
    • Fill Medium, Small pouches and Infinity ethereal body by pressing their keybinds
    • Load preset
    • Run to wilderness wall (surge when you can do so in a straight line to the wall)
    • Cross the wall
    • Bladed dive immediately after crossing the wall.
    • Surge after passing the tree to go deeper into the wilderness
    • Click on Zamorak mage to teleport (you can configure teleport to be the left-click option by right-clicking him and selecting configure)
    • Angle yourself in the Abyss and activate Surge to go diagonal toward the water portal. Click the portal just after you press the Surge keybind.
    • Drink a powerburst of sorcery if off cooldown, then craft the runes
    • Teleport to Edgeville bank with the wilderness sword.

    Here is the list of possible boosts to number of runes crafted:

    Other helpful items and abilities:

    1. ^ Untradeable. Using calculated value from materials.