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Mole skins are dropped by the Giant mole underneath Falador Park. Like the Mole claw, they can be traded to Wyson the Gardener for bird nests, which may be empty or contain seeds (including low level allotment seeds, and very rare high levelled tree seeds, used in Farming).

They can also be exchanged for White lily seeds after completion of the Falador Hard Tasks. After completion of the Falador Elite Tasks, trading in skins give White lily seeds 100% of the time. If your inventory is full of skins, you will likely miss out on at least one seed per inventory. This is the result of the skins being turned in individually and two inventory slots not existing when the first skin is turned in.

The mole skin's chance of being traded for an empty nest is about 7% with the rest being seeds.

These nests give a high quantity of low level seeds, with tomato, sweetcorn and cabbage seeds given frequently. Ranarr, watermelon and limpwurt root seeds are given infrequently, whilst tree seeds such as willow, maple, and yew given rarely.

These nests are identical to the nests given by Mole claws.

It is possible to exchange noted mole skin.

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