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The Moksha device is a dragonkin creation that allows the user to enter the consciousness of another being. It is located in the Moksha ritual site in southern Anachronia. The ritual site only becomes available after completing the mystery Know Thy Measure, which opens the dragonkin statue that allows the player to enter the ritual site.

The device is featured heavily in the Orthen Dig Site mystery Fragmented Memories. In that mystery, the player learns of a dragonkin named Skeka who learned how to meditate and use the device to enter the consciousness of a yellow salamander.[1]

The device is restored using a master control, which can be excavated from the hotspots on top of the device. Once the device is added, the device is calibrated three times by modulating the signal of the magical energies controlled by three runic discs.

Master control calibration interface.

The glory-seeking Professor Alfredo uses the machine, but does not exit the machine despite the danger, and has his consciousness swapped with that of a salamander.[2]

Among the device are some Moksha device excavation hotspots which can be excavated with level 108 Archaeology.

The device can also be studied to uncover the Mind Your Head special research.

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  • hotfix 20 October 2020 (Update):
    • The Moksha device clickbox will not longer reappear when completing a puzzle in the Fragmented memories mystery.[3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The outer ring circling the Moksha device spells "Skekslan" in the dragonkin alphabet, going anticlockwise from the southmost symbol.

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. ^ Player character, "Fragmented Memories", RuneScape. "Professor Alfredo wanted a bit more glory than he let on. He wouldn't step out of the machine when we could see it was getting dangerous and...Well, at least we know what the machine does now. It, er, swapped the minds of the salamander and the professor."
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