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Potion flasks for mcount[edit source]

Currently when potions use both tradable and untradable ingredients (such as potion flasks and rogue's purse) you have to list the potion flasks first and include the potion flask in mcount for it to work correctly in the Herblore calculator for costs. I've done and added these for all that I could find, including Juju flasks, as the values for profit were wildly off in many cases. Not sure if there's a better way to implement flask costs rather than messing with the item order, as they seem very odd in the actual pages themselves now. Lots of ordering for items is still needed to follow the standard that items not saved by scroll of cleansing should come first.  It's the Boogie bow!IWolffi TCE MQC 11 November 2017  23:55, 13 May 2021 (UTC)