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This talk page is for discussing the Module:Sandbox/Cqm/I2 page.[edit source]



  • args: A table representing the arguments passed to the infobox module, as retrieved from the frame table.


local p = {}
local Infobox = require('Module:Infobox')

function p.main(frame)
    local args = frame:getParent().args
    local infobox =

    -- ...

return p

Infobox.addRow[edit source]

Usage: infobox:addRow(args)


  • args: A table representing the attributes of the row and the cells within the row, where each cell is represented by a table. Recognised row attributes are:
    • class: A string or table of strings representing classes to add to the row.
    • 1 - N: All indexed values in args are expected to be table representing cells within the row. Recognised cell attributes are:
      • 1:
      • 2:
      • tag:
      • attr:
      • class:
      • css:
      • colspan:
      • noCalcColspan:
      • rowspan:
      • title:


    class = 'example-row-class'
        -- @todo
        -- @todo