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How perk ranges are determined[edit source]

Perk ranges have known errors on the in-game display, sometimes displaying unattainable perk ranks. This should not be used as a source of truth. Instead, use Calculator:Perks here on the wiki. For the upper bound, you can check level 120 + Potion, and for the lower bound you can check against level 1 (or level 30 where appropriate). This is because you are able to lower your invention level to 1 and still create perks.

Ancient perks were analyzed using this method. Standard perks should be confirmed against this method for consistency. Two such errors were found so far, with 5 Dexterous components the Reflexes perk is no longer available, and with more than 1 Brassican component the Brassican perk is no longer available. These have been corrected in the table, but additional errors may exist. ThetaZero (talk) 04:06, 28 April 2020 (UTC)