Module:Sandbox/User:Tidus ll

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Module documentation
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Module:Sandbox/User:Tidus ll requires Module:ExchangeLite.

This module is a sandbox for Tidus ll. It can be used to test changes to existing modules, prototype new modules, or just experimenting with lua features.

Invocations of this sandbox should be kept in userspace; if the module is intended for use in other namespaces, it should be moved out of the sandbox into a normal module and template.

This default documentation can be overridden by creating the /doc subpage of this module, as normal.

-- <nowiki>
-- import exchangelite
local p = {}
local exch = require( 'Module:ExchangeLite' )

function p.main(frame)
	local params = frame:getParent().args
	local retNum = ""
	local retError = ""
	for it,num in pairs(params) do
		 retNum = retNum .. " - " .. exch.price(it)
	return retNum

return p
-- </nowiki>