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For other soul obelisks, see Soul obelisk.
Grand ExchangeAl KharidAl Kharid - Teleported

The modified soul obelisk appears during The G-Nome Project. It can be configured to receive either Divination or Prayer experience when siphoning it.

Access to the obelisk is gained when Orla Fairweather teleports it from Al Kharid to the Grand Exchange during the quest.

When siphoning the obelisk, an energy balance gauge will appear. When the pointer is at the centre, siphoning the obelisk will grant more experience. The pointer will gradually move away from the centre, gradually changing the gauge's colour from green to red. Less experience is received if the pointer is uncentred. When the gauge is red, the obelisk will grant the least amount of experience. To recentre the pointer, players can click on the arrows next to the gauge which will adjust the pointer towards the arrow's respective direction.

Experience is rewarded continuously in 2.4-second intervals. At level 99 in the respective skill, 11.4 experience is given at a time for having the gauge as far as possible on either side, and moving it to the centre multiplies this by an integer value, up to 68.4 at a time for keeping the pointer at the centre.

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