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Mod Lorenzo and Mod Poppy's forum posts

Mod Tale is a thread in the Events section of the RuneScape Forums, that was created by Mod Lorenzo on 24 March 2010. Two days after Mod Lorenzo's post, Mod Poppy also posted something, in which she told she was chased by a hooded figure with a rune hatchet. This thread is related to the Cryptic Moderator Event, which is its unofficial name. The first post was released 60 days after the Strange power event occurred, and 30 days after the release of the Wilderness Castle.

Mod Lorenzo[edit | edit source]

On 24 March 2010, Mod Lorenzo made the following post in the Events Forum.

Help! Help!! *catches breath* Hello? Hello?!? *looks around at forums* Oh thank, Guthix! I feared I'd be too late. I'm not sure how many of you have found clues and puzzle pieces around the forums, but I just found this letter in my inventory. Maybe with your help, this grave disaster can be stopped...

"Tick tick tick.

So long have the Jmods enjoyed their reign of power of this world, so long have they ruled us all. Yet, their time is ticking. Their time is running out... I won't act *too* much before giving YOU a chance to stop me, however. I'm a fan of puzzles, so those of you familiar with the Cryptic Clue Fest may be familiar with what will soon lie before you, except instead of Jmods, Player and Forum Mods have created an intricate web of puzzles protecting my identity. Find me and stop the carnage. Fail and Jmods will meet their demise...

What will you choose? You have until April 10th to decide your action.

Tick tick tick."

— Mod Lorenzo [1]

Mod Poppy[edit | edit source]

On 26 March 2010, Mod Poppy replied, where she advertises two forum posts of forum mods, just like the figure who wrote the letter Lorenzo found predicted. Both forum posts include interesting information. They're worth a look! She wrote:

*Gasps for breath*

Help me! Please! I have this strange feeling; something is chasing me. It’s freaking me out; I’m scared to death right now. Around an hour ago, I was doing some day to day skilling, while I suddenly heard some heavy breathing. It seemed like the world had gone quiet, all I heard was this scary breathing. When I turned around I saw a hooded figure with a rune hatchet. I found myself running away; running for my life. I have to hurry up or else it might get to me.

*Looks around anxiously*

OK, the message Lorenzo found is very frightening indeed. I’m sure it has something to with the person I saw. Or is my mind playing tricks with me? Maybe it was just another lumber? But why wear those strange clothes then? Why freaking me out? No, this must be related!

It looks like Xaror and An Xray have been gathering all information about this disastrous news. They have included the letter Lorenzo found on their threads: 42-43-151-60585380 (Events) and 133-134-885-60585386 (Jagex Lite).

*Heavy breathing emerges from behind*

Oh no! There it is again! Please, please help me! Arrghh!! I have to run now!

♥Mod Poppy♥
♥Pretty In Pink♥

— Mod Poppy [1]

Threads[edit | edit source]

  1. The thread in the events forum.[2]
  2. The thread in the Jagex lite forum.[3]

10 April[edit | edit source]

The planned event as seen in the official thread.

On 26 March 2010, Mod Lorenzo edited Mod Howes' 'Featured Events & Live Alerts' sticky thread in the Events forum, after which the following event appeared in the 'Coming Up!' section. The Quick Find Code in it links to Mod Tale.[4]

Player Mods & Forum Mods Present A Mystery
Date: Saturday, April 10
Time: 21:00 BST
World: TBA
Meet: Event Forum
QFC: 42-43-685-60637059

Riddle[edit | edit source]

On 31 March 2010, a new section was added to the thread in the Events forum advertised by Mod Poppy. It included a riddle that was written on a scrap of paper in the wall of Lumbridge Castle. The writer is 'Mis Ter-y'; Mystery or Mr. Y. Soon, a player discovered that the capital letters in it read out:

Time is set at 10 PM BST

That means something will happen around 22:00 BST on 10 April. The riddle is as follows:[2]

Dear advenTurer,
What once was, wIll no longer be.
When I finish this job, you won’t find Me.
AdvEnturer, You can't stop my evIl plan.
I challenge everyone who thinkS they can.
Are you to Solve my cunning mystEry?
Are you To stop the repeAt of hisTory?
AdvenTurer, it’s just a mattEr of time,
Till you see the results of my New crime.
Be Prepared for this upcoMing event.
Don’t waste time or Be aware that more liveS will end.’
- MisTer-y

Mod Murder Mystery[edit | edit source]

On 7 April 2010, the thread title was changed to Mod Murder Mystery Event and became unlocked. Several forum mods posted, one of them revealed some information:[1]

  • Players will be given clues in a certain free world at 10pm BST on 10 April and on the forums.
  • As you solve the clues, you will need to go to locations and bring items with you. Some will be given to you, others you must obtain yourself. Everything needed is available on F2P Worlds. Keep every item obtained! You will need to show these items to proceed in the game and at the end as well.
  • The first ten people to finish will obtain prizes.

Those prizes are the opportunity to borrow and use an item the winner chose for 24 hours. The items a winner can choose from are:

Please note that borrowed items CANNOT be worn in the Photo Booth.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

An example of a coloured tile, this one being in Gerrant's shop.
  • The Cryptic Clue Fest, from Thanksgiving 2009, is mentioned, pointing to the fact that players might have to hunt the forums for clues again.
  • Some day in the end of March 2010, one tile in each building (on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US]) in Port Sarim received a graphical update. The floor square in every building received a dark shading, just like the one in Betty's Magic Emporium after The Hand in the Sand. Some coloured tiles are however not visible, due to items standing on it. This happens in Wydin's Food Store, for example. This is possibly linked to the recent events. It also correspondents with the threads listed by Mod Poppy, in which there is written about a breakout from Port Sarim Jail. There are not any blackened tiles in the Jail itself. This was unrelated to the event and the timing was coincidental.
  • With the 2010 Easter event update, the Doomsayer has changed his direction to face towards Al Kharid, which is the same direction as one a Forum mod mentioned in their story about visions in the crystal ball of Aris. Something about a green waving bush pointing south of Varrock. Now the Doomsayer's animation motions across the river and then points towards the Al Kharid gates. This might be another clue for the event.
  • The event bears a resemblance to A New Mystery, a player moderator-run event.

References[edit | edit source]