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Jagex moderator crown.png Mod Stu
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RoleSenior Content Developer
TeamContent Development

Mod Stu is a senior content developer at Jagex and a member of the Lore Council. He was one of the first two content developers externally hired for the MechScape project in September 2006. From 2006 to 2012, Mod Stu developed content for MechScape and all iterations of Stellar Dawn and rose to a senior position. Of the content developers employed by Stellar Dawn at the time of its cancellation, only Mod Stu and Mod Liam retained their roles and moved to the RuneScape Content Development Team.

Mod Stu's first significant RuneScape update was the Fish Flingers rework on 6 June 2012, followed by a number of well-received quests. After a restructure of the content development team from waterfall methodology to agile/SCRUM teams, Mod Stu was assigned to the Funnel team from 2013 to 2014 and later joined the Guardians retention team for 2015-2016.

After a brief stint in the Eternals at the dawn of expansions starting January 2017, he moved to the Growth team in March to assist with the new Achievement System and Achievement Paths.

In July, he joined the Ninja team.[1] In October, the Growth team was again split off from the Ninja team in a team restructure after the release of the first expansion, Menaphos.

In March 2018, shortly after releasing Tutorial Island (Beneath Cursed Tides), Mod Stu moved to the Four Direction engagement/retention team (Jack, Tomb, Doctor, Shogun and Breezy) to take over Mining from Mod Deg in the Mining and Smithing rework.[2] He appeared in Game Jam (October 2018), where he worked on improvements to the quest system, the replacement of the path tutorial with achievement paths, the removal of some unnecessary quest requirements, and a clean up of the Taverley/Burthorpe area (design).

In February 2019, after contributing to the design for the Completionist cape rework, Stu moved to the RuneScape Mobile team for a few months to complete his work on the beginner user experience, which became the Burthorpe/Taverley paths and rework. This released as part of a large Mobile update in September, during which, in the latest development team restructure, Stu became part of the Core Experience team (which included RuneScape Mobile), and developed the Davendale tutorial for RuneScape Mobile's full commercial launch.

At the beginning of 2022, CXP was absorbed in a team restructure, and Mod Stu returned to the episodic content team, where he joined the Phoenix Gang.

In April 2023, the two Phoenix Gang and Black Arm Gang episodic teams were split into 6 smaller episodic project teams, and Mod Stu joined Episodic Team 4 (the Velocity Raptors), with developers Mod Ramen, Mod Redd and Mod Mickey, and QA Mod Leebleh.

Mod Stu was interviewed in the rsbnbupdate podcast in their second Behind the Crown released 2nd July 2022.

Mod Stu is most known for hosting the six-month-hunt for TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot after the release of The Brink of Extinction. He is also known for having hosted a 14-hour livestream from Jagex headquarters, which included (amongst other things) a developer commentary playthrough of The Death of Chivalry, and for frequently editing his RSWiki page.

Roles[edit | edit source]

Role Date
Content Developer 2006 - 2011
Senior Content Developer 2011 - Present

Contributions[edit | edit source]













Gallery[edit | edit source]

Media appearances[edit | edit source]

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