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Mod Spear is a Video and Live Streaming Producer at Jagex.[1]

Roles[edit | edit source]

Role Date
Video and Live Streaming Producer 2020 - Present

Media appearances[edit | edit source]

Abyssal Creatures Q&A With Mods Hooli, Shogun and SpearLivestream2 March 2022
Combat Council Q&A with Mods Pi & RamenLivestream9 March 2022
Construction Contracts – First look // RuneScape Weekly Stream (Nov 20)Livestream12 November 2020
Directors Let's Play - City of SenntistenLivestream30 June 2021
Halloween 2020 Event – First look // RuneScape Weekly Stream (Oct 2020)Livestream24 October 2020
Halloween Event Showcase & ED2 Jmod PvMLivestream12 October 2021
J-Mods Play Elder God Wars: The Nodon Front | RuneScape Playthrough w/ Dev CommentaryLivestream26 July 2021
J-Mods vs Monsters: God Wars Dungeon 2 | RuneScape PvM Stream (May 2021)Livestream25 May 2021
J-Mods vs Monsters: Nex | RuneScape PvM Stream (July 2021)Livestream6 July 2021
J-Mods vs Monsters: Solak with TheRSGuy and Rocket_Cars | RuneScape PvM Stream (July 2021)Livestream14 July 2021
Jmod Bank TidyingLivestream19 January 2022
Jmod Golden Party Hat Hunt with Mod Hooli & Mod SpearLivestream24 November 2021
JvM with Mod Hooli & Mod SpearLivestream1 December 2021
Let's Play - Senntisten Archaeology Mini-Digsite | RuneScape Weekly Stream (August 2021)Livestream11 August 2021
Let's Play Orthen, the new Archaeology dig site // RuneScape Weekly Stream (Oct 2020)Livestream23 October 2020
Let's Play RuneScape - Quest Playthrough & Lore of Desperate Times (July 2020)Livestream25 July 2020
Let's Play: Heartstealer - Valentine's Day Quest 2021 | RuneScape Weekly Stream (Feb 2021)Livestream9 February 2021
Premier Club & Construction Contracts // RuneScape Weekly Stream (Nov 20)Livestream19 November 2020
PvM Reveal: the Rex Matriarchs | RuneScape Weekly Stream (Feb 2021)Livestream2 March 2021
RS Mobile Launch & Elder God Wars Reveal | RuneScape Weekly Stream (June 2021)Livestream16 June 2021
RuneScape 101: Going on a QuestLivestream16 October 2020
RuneScape 101: Introduction to the world of GielinorLivestream16 October 2020
RuneScape 101: Skilling, from newbie to masteryLivestream16 October 2020
RuneScape 101: The Basics of CombatLivestream16 October 2020
RuneScape Data in 2020 - Weekly Highlight (April 2020)Livestream4 May 2020
RuneScape Kingdoms Board Game Playthrough - Part 1Video26 May 2022
RuneScape Kingdoms Board Game Playthrough - Part 2Video26 May 2022
RuneScape Kingdoms Board Game Playthrough - Part 3: Boss Fight!Video26 May 2022
RuneScape Kingdoms Update & Let's Play 'Accidental' Fletching & Firemaking!Livestream4 May 2022
Skill & Chill - Beach Edition | 13th July 2021Livestream13 July 2021
Spring Festival & Pi-Mas Combat Improvements – Preview | RuneScape Weekly Stream (March 2021)Livestream23 March 2021
Twilight of the Gods, Developers PlaythroughLivestream7 June 2022

References[edit | edit source]

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